Answer all questions.

You must answer all requests for information that you receive from your clients and you must do so in the shortest time possible, as that can win you a sale. In addition, this way you will get them to feel valued by the company.

Always respond using the same means of communication that brought you the question, otherwise the client may not realize that you have answered them and think, or even say, that you have not.

In addition to answering the specific questions they ask you, try to provide useful information on some of the related topics. Make them feel like it was worth contacting you.

atender y resolver preguntas incidencias reclamaciones garantias cambios y devoluciones

Try to solve all the problems

You must attend to all incidents and customer complaints, even if it is very cumbersome. It is the only way to retain customers and, above all, it is the only way that negative opinions about your products and services or about your company are not triggered. Remember that a negative comment runs more than a positive one.

In most cases, your interlocutor is already a customer, so you can consult the information you have to serve him as well as possible: for example, you can call him by his name, that always produces a certain impact. You can also check if they are a great customer, if they have been a great customer for a long time, etc.

You must also have agility to manage changes and returns. It is one of the most growing demands today and requires a lot of effort, but it is quite proven that the majority of customers, more than 90%, return to an online store to buy more products if their experience with changes or returns has been positive.

atencion al cliente mejora tiempo de respuesta

Take good care of the form of your answers.

Reduce waiting times as much as possible. Streamline the automatic response systems, especially those that collect incidents or problems from customers, so you will get less anger and, above all, less lasting.

Always respond with politeness and kindness: even if the client loses their composure, neither you nor your agents should do it. Ask for forgiveness whenever you consider it necessary. If there has been a failure in your company or in one of your products, you should try to relax the customer, defuse his anger.

You must be totally sincere in your answers, that remarkably relaxes the atmosphere. Remember that one of your most important customer service goals is to get them comfortable talking to you.

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