Solutions for Congresses and Events

Improve the creation and development of your organization’s Events and Congresses through the best tools.


Why use the conferences and events module?

  • Promote your events through the catalogue.
  • Essenzial is responsible for implementing the most used tools, such as Zoom.
  • Have informative calendars for your members.
  • Notify your partners of recent activities.

“Essenzial fulfilled its commitments in the Implementation, in terms of time and cost, and currently offers us a quality maintenance service.”

Pedro Charco Mora – Intersindical Salut Training Coordinator.

Classification by type of event
Generation of events and activities
Event information tailored to your needs
Integration of the Platform with Zoom
Registration forms for events
Partner and assistant management
Attendance statistics
Event notification

Event Catalog

As with the rest of the company’s services, it will have the ability to dynamically display the different events, both past and future.

It will also have a powerful search engine, which will allow you to filter events based on different criteria, such as categories, exercises, type of service or profile.

Access to events and conferences

When you enter one of the events offered, whether through the catalog or the helpdesk, in addition to viewing expanded information about the event, you will have a form with which to request access.

Once the member has been registered by the Technical Secretariat of his foundation, from the Congresses section of the private area, a list will be displayed with access to each of the events of which he is a part.

Event content

Thanks to Essenzial’s solution you will be able to display events in an intuitive, dynamic and visual way, in order to improve the experience of attendees.

In addition, each event may have a single space for registration, information on the venue and secretariat of said event and even a space reserved for the sponsors of each event.

Event details

In theCongresses and EventsSection of the member’s private area, you will find a distribution of the activities in which the information and scheduled sessions of the event are shown.

Within each session, there is the activities panel of the event with the information and access to it, which is also accessible from the control panel.

Zoom Integration

Our solution for foundations is fully integrated with the most powerful and widespread video conferencing tool Zoom.

It will allow you to teach classes in real time and remotely with up to 100 attendees or even have individual meetings or tutorials with the members of the online training taught by your Foundation.

Event management

When a new registration is added to events and conferences, integration to the CRM is launched. From here you can keep track of the attendees at the events, being able to see the details of each session.

In the same way, when a change occurs in the backend, the source system issues an update order again in the destination system. In this way, the event information is always updated and aligned, as well as registering members for a la carte events through importing lists.

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