Personal areas for members

Make it easier for your members to access the services they are part of by unifying them in their private area


Why use the Partner Portal module?

  • Unify all services in a single place.
  • Provide greater control to your partners.
  • Manage incidents and doubts comfortably.
  • Simple management of events and activities.

“Essenzial is the partner who has constantly advised us in every step we have taken.”

Enrique Sendino – Partner director – Box Space

Centralization of society services
Navigation comfort
Data storage and management
Automated integration with management solution
List of service certificates
Management of queries and incidents
Modification of personal data
Full control of activities and events

Provide a global vision

The member has a 360º Vision, since the member Portal shows at a quick glance the different lines of service offered by the Company or Foundation, in addition to the user interactions carried out in the environment .

From the Professional’s private area, the member can consult the courses in which they are enrolled, the research projects or scholarships to which they have applied, the accreditations requested, their certificates issued, the queries open from the Helpdesk of the Single Window, or the list of planned activities associated with the different services, such as videoconferences.

Unified certificate access

From the Certificates section, partners have access to all the certificates of the service lines of which they are part, providing fast and unique access.

Additionally, in this area you can parameterize the appearance of the requirements to be completed for the issuance of the certificate, as well as direct access to said requirements, streamlining the process of obtaining the certificate.

Electronic Commerce

The members of your Foundation will have total control over the transactions they carry out in terms of invoices, orders, courses…

They also have access to the variations that they may request regarding recurring charges and the modification or elimination of the different payment methods that they have previously established, thus improving the member’s experience.

Helpdesk/Incident management

Partners can create Requests for Information or Incidents (type: question, incident, problem), to which a status of the ticket received by the Technical Secretariat will be assigned (new, assigned, pending, closed, rejected, duplicate), a priority based on the need (low, normal, high, urgent) to carry out the assignment that allows a quality and timely resolution.

Essenzial’s solution makes the “Customer Support” tool available to foundations, through rapid response to questions and the inclusion of FAQ’s to resolve recurring doubts, so that their Technical Secretariat can focus on helping partners and users with difficult-to-resolve problems.

Control over personal information

Its members will have access at all times to the personal data they provided when creating their profile on the website.

In addition, they have the possibility of editing said data when they consider it necessary, such as their visible username, password…

Activity management

Also, included in the member’s 360º concept, they will have access from their personal area to a powerful calendar of activities.

This calendar has the ability to show all events for any service line of your company, so that members can have all future events at a quick glance, as well as detailed information and the access link in case it is an online meeting, also having the possibility of requesting activities (for example, meetings) and viewing a history of all past events.

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