We implement Marketing Strategies oriented to the generation of Online Business

I. Digital Review, Diagnosis and Plan

  1. Current positioning and Internet traffic.
  2. Analysis of the sector's competence
  3. Review of Value Content.
  4. Presentation of a differential proposal.
  5. Review of the Community of Interest.
  6. Traditional and Online Business Lines.
  7. Opening and closing of Business Opportunities.
  8. Showrooms and Internet Training.
  9. Attention and Customer Loyalty.
  10. Collaboration with Third Parties.
  11. Reputation Review on the Internet.
  12. Construction of the Digital Roadmap of your Company.

II. Attraction and Captation

  1. SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Improvement of the Positioning.
  2. Link Building and Directories.
  3. Blogging: Generation of Value Content.
  4. Search for Influencers.
  5. Digital Creativity (Image, Sound and Video).
  6. SEM - Search Engine Marketing. Online Marketing Campaigns.
  7. Creation and enrichment of Target Audience Lists.
  8. eMailing Online Marketing Campaigns.
  9. Newsletter: Information as a hook.
  10. Free Training Pills
  11. Community Management.
  12. Social media. Marketing campaigns on Social Networks.

III. Conversion

  1. Landing Pages.
  2. CRM Web2Lead. Call to Action forms.
  3. CRM eMail follow-up workflows
  4. CRM Events: digital support / CRM to Conferences and Seminars.
  5. CRM Field Sales: digital support for Leads and Contacts Management.
  6. eLeaning: Free pills.
  7. Subscriptions of free period.
  8. CRM Ticketing: digital support for up-selling and cross-selling.

IV. Analysis

  1. KPIs and Measurement of Results.
  2. Digital budget
  3. Event Tracking.
  4. Revision of objectives and scope of Acquisition.
  5. Optimization of the Conversion Ratio.
  6. Retention and Recurrence Strategies.
  7. Statistics and Social Media Reports.
  8. Adjustment of the digital budget.



In addition to organizations having their corporate portal, it is necessary to implement strategies aimed at generating business, following the process that covers the attraction of visits, attracting leads, converting visits into contacts, maturing opportunities and measuring results.


A good Inbound Marketing strategy can significantly reduce the costs of the recruitment phase, facilitating the conversion ratio of visits into contacts, and accelerating the ROI of the campaigns.


Working on the corporate image and online reputation involves reinforcing the Digital Identity day by day, managing it over time as the true Business Card of any organization.


In the Digital approach, the actors, the means and the tools change, but it is still necessary to work on one's positioning strategy in the sector that one is operating in, through differentiation, focus and innovation. The same applies to key messages, value proposition, the organization's trajectory and main success stories.