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Digital Challenges and Benefits

Everyone talks about Digital Transformation, but few know how to use it to boost your organization

Platform prepared for Digital Marketing
Powerful and flexible search engine
Complete Client Management
Portfolio and Commercial Offer Management
Cart management and checkout
Complete Subscription Model
Group-Based Memberships
Reserva de Alquileres y Eventos
Integration with the most widespread payment platforms
Logistics integration and with the rest of the company
Marketplace for Multi-Store configuration
Reduced costs and times. Pay per use

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Basic eCommerce

Grow your business online

  • Your organization wants to sell online through the most widespread electronic payment platforms …
  • … and increasing the security and confidence of buyers.
  • You want to expand your market, reach new customers, retaining current ones.


Generate predictable and recurring income

  • Allow automatic renewal of invoices, collections, and automatic recovery in case of failed payment.
  • Subscribers need to monitor their own plan, including its increase or decrease.
  • Be notified with automatic renewal emails.


Increase the variety and quality of your offer

  • Allow suppliers to manage their own products and get an overview.
  • Set commissions when orders are completed.
  • Reach more customers, through online positioning and cross-selling.


Your knowledge valued and adapted to each client

  • Now you can develop a business model based on a member’s area with recurring subscriptions.
  • Make the knowledge of your organization profitable.
  • Increase the degree of customer loyalty.

Cases of Use


Save time and issues with a reservation system

  • Your company needs to get a better plan and optimize the occupancy of the reservation system.
  • Use promotional codes.
  • Facilitate the control of prescriber commissions. Offer special prices on specific days.


Increase engagement and competition to generate more revenue

  • Implement an eBay-like auction system. Set a starting price.
  • Allow interested buyers to bid on the item.
  • At the end of the auction, sell the item online to the highest bidder.

Points of Sale

Centralize your physical business through your eCommerce

  • The best solution for your Chain of Stores.
  • Simple and easy to use point of sale for retail stores.
  • Use your online store to cover the cash registers of your physical business, keeping an integrated control of the stock.


Simple, but powerful integration.

  • Speed up the logistics and administrative / financial processes of your organization
  • Allowing communication between Electronic Commerce and CRM / ERP, through a powerful BPM (business process modeler).
  • Simplify the building and maintenance of the entire information flow between your systems.

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