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Everyone talks about Digital Transformation, but few know how to use it to boost their organization.

Identify your Digital Challenges

We start with an analysis of your current situation and the objectives you want to achieve.

How does it work?

Use now our Digital Online Method by steps.

  • The digital path is designed in order your organization can obtain a totally free of charge digital transformation plan.
  • You need to register and complete a series of stages and online questionnaires, which will give us an initial orientation of the situation your organization is in.
  • Once the areas for improvement have been analyzed and their priorities identified, Essenzial will propose 3 digital scenarios, which will be presented in order you can choose the digital transformation plan that achieves the identified objectives.
  • Essenzial’s Digital Paths constitute an Online Method to easily identify digital challenges, find out how you can cover them and establish the Roadmap to achieve them.
  • Once registered on the platform, you can fill in the questionnaires that we have proposed in the three main modules that we have: Current Situation and Digital Challenges, Areas for Improvement and Priorities of your organization, and Digital Transformation Plan.
  • Keep in mind that once modules 1 and 2 are finished, a series of Zoom activities will be scheduled to give you more information and a better scope of the possible scenarios proposed.
  • In this way, you can choose the digital transformation plan that best suits your organization.
  • According to the defined objectives and scope, the execution period of the Digital Paths has been estimated at 3 weeks.
  • 1 week is included to prepare digital/prototype scenarios.
  • Upon completion, your organization will have a detailed Digital Transformation plan for the chosen Solutions.
  • Current Situation and Digital Challenges
  • Areas of Improvement and Priorities of your Organization
  • Digital Transformation Plan

Digital Transformation Plan – Free of charge.

  • Transform internal management processes into electronic ones
  • Provide digital services adapted to new technologies
  • Improve customer satisfaction in the use of digital services
  • Promote innovation in service delivery
  • Having analysis systems to help decision-making
  • Guarantee the security of information systems

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