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  • Establish the type of Landing Page we need: lead generation / direct sales / for events.
  • Define where it will be located (on the site itself or on a microsite).
  • Estimate expected volume of visits to make the appropriate infrastructure provisioning.
  • Continuous tuning based on A/B testing approach.
  • Eliminate the main menu and minimize the footer to avoid distractions and increase conversion, making it easier for the user to perform the action sought and planned by us.
  • Make good copy with good content, good writing focused on the sale, brief, including the benefits for the potential customer, and incorporating the necessary images to visualize the value proposition.
  • Landing page design adapted to the brand, product or service, campaigns and target customer.
  • Define short, direct headlines, coherent with the campaigns launched and with the value proposition.
  • Clean design, aligned with the value proposition, and not misleading, always in line with the link that provided access to the Landing.
  • Revision of appropriate URL’s, short, direct, incorporating keywords.
  • Include scripts to be able to measure everything possible.
  • Define the subsequent workflow and use marketing automation techniques.
  • Define a thank you page that leads to the main menu and footer of our website so that the user can continue navigating easily.
  • Work on the Calls to Action because they are the hooks or points where we hope to capture the first click that leads to the generation of a lead.
  • Determine clear “next steps” through a correct definition of “Calls to Action”.
  • Define data capture forms proportional to the value we provide in our proposal.
  • Integrate the forms with the CRM Leads area, in order to be able to correctly track subsequent activities.
  • Capture in this integration all the necessary source information to be able to classify and measure conversions.
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  • Automation of business processes and company operations.
  • Identify actions (e.g. changing field values of any entity) and desired follow-ups (sending emails or notifications, configuring tasks, etc.).
  • Design and execute marketing and sales processes through Workflow’s and BPM’s automatically.
  • Design of the work process map, answering issues such as the steps to be taken by a sales person when making an offer, its follow-up, who should attend to any doubt, etc.
  • Assignment of activities to task managers in the calendar, and automated notifications, facilitating the closing of opportunities, and therefore increasing the online conversion rate.
  • Sending of emailing by waves to the components of the Event Lists, classified by origin and/or potential profiles.
  • Creation of Micro-Sites for promotion of Events and reservations (“save the date”), including the group of necessary Landing’s.
  • Integration of Forms to CRM Lists, to be able to manage the activities associated to the Potentials that confirm.
  • Automated Workflows with confirmation actions and Marketing instructions / brochures / collaterals.
  • Scorecard in the CRM, of the management of potential/attendees to the Event.
  • Opening of a micro-site area, so that the Call Center can integrate the information of Potentials who have decided to call instead of answering the Landing form.
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  • Management of all stages of the sales process, managing the leads coming from the Landing Page, or entered manually in the CRM.
  • Conversion of Leads into Contacts, Accounts and/or real business opportunities.
  • Assignment of activities to Leads and Contacts/Accounts, such as Meetings, Calls, Tasks, Invitations, etc., manageable from an organization’s calendar.
  • Automation of activities through workflow’s and BPM’s.
  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling from the pills that have been proposed as promotional elements, offering courses or related digital products/services.
  • Free Pills activity tracking, to identify dormant leads, and send reminder actions, as well as active leads that have not purchased, offering them another new free pill of higher level and possibility of real conversion.
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  • Identify products and services to be promoted under the “Try & Buy” philosophy, allowing potential customers to try before they buy.
  • Create subscriptions with an initial free period, which require entering the data associated with the electronic payment of the future customer, and then serve to activate the subscription after the trial period.
  • Create chained subscriptions, so that the Upgrade can be performed from the first one, thus facilitating the Up-Selling process of the organization’s installed base.
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  • Converting more of the organization’s installed base, i.e. current customers, by customizing offers or promotions from the Customer Care Center or Service Area.
  • Create types of information requests in the company’s Helpdesk, to facilitate the generation of new deals.
  • Launch eMailings to current customers, segmented by the interactions made in the Helpdesk/Call Center.
  • Include in this eMailing the redirection to cross-selling and up-selling Landings.
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Learn about our Digital Paths

  • Tracking of standard Google Analytics KPI’s: Number of Visitors, New/Recurring User Ratio, Session Duration, Bounce Rate, Organic Visits, Average Page Load Time, Average Time on Page.
  • Tracking of Google Adwords standard KPI’s: CPC = Total Cost / Number of clicks, CPM = Total Cost / (Number of impressions / 1,000), CTR = Number of impressions / Number of clicks, Conversion Rate and ROI.
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  • Definition in Google Tag Manager of the work area for digital tracking and analysis: tracking tags, event triggers and variables.
  • Linking Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics and Google adWords, through UA tracking code, events, conversion goals, metrics and custom dimensions.
  • Establishing links to track: navigation menu items, subscribe / sign up, read more, document downloads, outbound links.
  • Set the web code classes to which we will associate triggers in Tag Manager, for tracking.
  • Configuration for scroll measurement (depth) and event sending to Google Analytics.
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  • Evolution of organic/paid acquisition.
  • Evolution of Organic Positioning of contents vs. keywords.
  • Analysis of new content produced / visits.
  • A/B Test results on Landings and other pages of interest.
  • Analysis of the presence in social networks.
  • Sales Funnel evolution.
generar y analizar campañas marketing

Review of all aspects of CRO impact (optimization process of each of the elements involved in an online marketing campaign in order to maximize the volume of conversions):

  • Shopping cart optimization.
  • Usability optimization.
  • Content optimization.
  • Design adjustments.
  • Mobile optimization.
revision y diagnostico situacion actual
  • Periodic review of customer valuation based on Profiling.
  • Personalization of messages and promotions.
  • Review of proactive actions in customer service.
  • Use of social networks as a direct communication channel to help build new and better relationships with your customers.
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