Frequently asked questions

How long does the implementation take?

Essenzial is fastly implemented. With your active collaboration, and depending on the chosen service plan, you can count on a standard solution from 6 weeks on.

Why a cloud-based Solution?

Full service. Reuse of Standard Solutions. Risk-free technology, led by experts. Services from anywhere. Services provided from large Data Centers. Privacy, Security and Regulatory Compliance. Cost reduction and implementation deadlines.

What does a Service Plan include?

The service includes the Implementation and Maintenance of the Application, the Platform (framework where the Aplication is developed, its associated security and performance issues) and the Infrastructure (hosting in the Cloud, SSL secure protocol).
Domain and E-mails are responsibility of the Client, although Essenzial can advise them, and may even include them as an additional part to the standard Service Plans.

Initial implementation Cost and Monthly Maintenance Cost

All our solutions have a very low Initial Implementation Cost, which depends on the type of implementation (shared or dedicated instance), and on the size / dimensioning that is expected for the subsequent service to offer (depending on the degree of concurrency expected by users, and the number of courses to prepare for the initial deployment). Ask for a personalized offer.

There also is a Monthly Maintenance Cost for the duration of the service. There is no penalty if the subscription is cancelled.

What does Software as a Service (SaaS) mean?

Essenzial Solutions are provided as “Service Delivery”, so that we assume full responsibility for their development and periodic updating, as well as for the necessary infrastructure, security and communications.

This mode is also known as “Software as a Service”, and is similar to Vehicle, since it is paid for monthly use, and at the end of the agreement (in case the client wants to do without the service at some point), the customer has the Option to Purchase the solution.

The Purchase Option, in case of cancellation / termination of the agreement, can be carried out through the Residual Value of the Solution, as the difference between the theoretical value, minus the initial fee that was paid at the time of implementation / deployment/ go live, minus accumulated depreciation.

The Theoretical Value of the Solution consists of 3 types of costs: the solution cost, the initial implementation cost/one and the costs/those associated to improvements implemented throughout the provision of the service.

What happens if I want to cancel the service at some point?

You can cancel the agreement at any time, without permanence or penalties.

As indicated in the previous point, you will always have the purchase option, during the first 3 months after the cancellation of the service agreement.

What happens if at the end of the trial period, I do not want to continue?

All of our plans have a free trial month.

If at the end of this test, you do not wish to formalize the service agreement, Essenzial will not charge any type of penalty.

In order to be entitled to the Purchase Option the Solution, it is necessary to formalize a service agreement in advance.

Is it Safe?

Essenzial is Safe. We use secure SSL protocol, aligned with LOPD, SHA256 in payment gateways, backup copies and anti-piracy protection.

Who contracts the Zoom and Vimeo support Service?

Since the intellectual property of the Contents belongs to their own organization, it is the Client’s responsibility to provide texts, videos and other media material that they wish to incorporate into the online courses / virtual rooms.
The main reason that both accounts (vimeo and zoom), with a reduced subscription cost, are contributed by the Organization itself at the beginning of the project, is to provide it with independence and autonomy, in case at any time you decide to suspend the service.

Why should I do it with Essenzial, with more Solution providers on the market?

Essenzial is a first-rate technology partner, with extensive experience in the Implementation of Business Applications, +20 years, and with a clear strategy to support organizations.

It has complete and proven technological solutions that can be up and running in a very short time, and in which you only pay per use.

And it is a close company, with a high level of commitment, which come along with you in the medium and long term.

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