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Digitization of Universities, Academies and Training Centers

Software for Educational Centers in the cloud. Reduce your TCO.

  • Boost the image of your center With a powerful Business Card , incorporating information from the Education Center , Areas of Activity or Teaching Practice, …
  • Improve your position in the sector… through tools that efficiently manage the necessary Collaboration throughout the student’s record; the Sale of Online Services, publications, knowledge …
  • Digitalize and develop your business… into a platform for Online Training and Management of Marketing Campaigns for Students, Prescribers and Collaborators of the Training Center.

Digital Challenges and Benefits

Everyone talks about Digital Transformation, but few know how to use it to drive your organization forward.

Increased visibility and reach via new channels.
Access to new audiences and potential collaborators.
Ability to collect and analyze data in real time.
Ease of information and knowledge sharing.
Flexibility to adapt to market needs.
Improved internal communication and collaboration.
Professionalize marketing campaigns with a CRM solution.
Improve the positioning and perception of your Center on the Internet.
Save resources, pay only for what you use in the cloud
Create campaign-specific landings
Reduces IT costs, freeing up resources for training projects
Generate a 360% view of interactions with your learners

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Educational Center Portal

Make it easier to manage your school

  • Content Management: News, Press Room, The Reader’s Corner.
  • Blog and Newsletters, Awards and Testimonials, Collaborators and Resources. Management of publications.
  • Organize Events, committees and Working Groups to boost the activity and visibility of your Center.

Online Training

Crea curso online hoy mismo

Give classes wherever and whenever you want

  • On-line training platform for students and teachers. Virtual campus.
  • Centralized information on the Educational Organization’s face-to-face, online courses and events.
  • SCORM content and integration with Zoom and Vimeo. Follow-up of students through exams.

Online Sales

Make an ecommerce of your training

  • Digitize transactions that can be carried out online.
  • Management Products and Services, prices, discounts, taxes and promotions. Cart and Checkout. Electronic Payment Gateways.
  • Automatic recovery in case of failed payment. Automatic renewal of subscriptions. Sponsorship management.

Online Marketing

Make your educational center known

  • Carry out Digital Marketing Campaigns to publicize and present your organization on the Internet.
  • More effective campaigns to increase the number of members and the satisfaction of its current associates.
  • Integrate your solution with social networks and forums, achieving a better positioning.

Customer reviews

Student Portal

Optimizes student management

  • One-stop shop. Users create their own tickets, being able to consult and follow up later.
  • Virtual campus to facilitate communication.
  • Private area where you can consult the courses, documentation, visas, accreditations and certificates, and student subscriptions.

Virtual Events

Essenzial Fundaciones y Asociaciones: Áreas de Trabajo

Create and plan events in a second

  • Integration with Zoom allows to organize virtual events, webinars, etc.
  • Planning of the meetings that make up each event.
  • Virtual spaces to share content, public and private.

Administration and Teacher Portal

Administration is no longer a problem

  • Management of admission and manual charges associated with online, face-to-face training and events.
  • It also allows managing registrations, attendance control, diplomas and certificates.
  • Saving time for the managers of the College or Association. Helpdesk Administration.


Your center's performance at a glance

  • Overview and analytics based on graphs and detailed reports
  • Overview and analytics based on graphs and detailed reports, where you can see the information of students, teachers. Course evaluation surveys.
  • FUNDAE compliance (eLearning transactions tracking)

Reasons and Opportunities

Reduce your TCO, thanks to a roadmap based on best practices and free evolutionary maintenance.

  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) considers all the costs associated with a given product or service throughout its life cycle, not only considering direct costs, but also indirect costs, also known as “hidden” costs.
  • We help you to make a customized cost reduction study.
  • In this way, you will be able to compare the investment of the new solution, taking into account the hidden costs of your current situation, and the cost breakdown of the different items that are proposed in the new solution.

Upgrade and enhance your solution free of charge:

  • The pay-per-use approach of our Education Center Platform covers Evolutionary Application Maintenance (the functionality included in our future standard releases and upgrades).
  • New versions are made following an exhaustive process of Analysis, Design, Development and Testing.
  • Roadmap based on the study of the most visited training centers and business schools. The process of analyzing the functionality incorporated in the new versions (Roadmap) is based on the most demanded requests by our installed base, as well as on the market study of a sample of centers with the most average monthly visits.

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