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Digital Challenges and Benefits

Everyone talks about Digital Transformation, but few know how to use it to boost your organization

Business process integration.
Reduction of administrative costs.
Improved operational efficiency.
Making more informed decisions.
Greater visibility and control of processes.
Improved collaboration between departments.
Inventory and supply chain optimization.
Automation of manual processes.
Increased productivity and efficiency.
Improving customer experience.

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Third parties

Manage clients, contacts and relationships

  • Clients / potentials, Suppliers, contacts, Association of categories of clients / potentials / contacts.
  • Linking of entities (Budget, orders, invoices, documents, etc.) with the third party, notifications, agenda and notes.
  • Sending mail to third parties in bulk.

Products and services

Manage statistics, stock and shipment tracking

  • Management, categorization and statistics of products and services. Warehouse and stock management.
  • Stock transfers and movements. Price. Replenishment of products.
  • Management of shipments and transport. Shipping lists and statistics. Creation of delivery notes or deliveries.

Financial management

Streamline all your collections and ensure compliance with tax and accounting regulations

  • Budgets and orders. Invoices to customers and suppliers.
  • Taxes. Salary payments. Business reports and statistics.
  • Journal of sales and purchases. Direct debit payments. Fusion of pending invoices. Grouping of orders in invoices.

Projects management

Manage projects in real time

  • Assignment of external users and monitoring in real time.
  • Association of budgets, orders, customer and supplier invoices and interventions.
  • Documentation. Profit and loss. Task tracking by role, project manager or participants. Gantt diagram.

Cases of Use

Contract management

Simplify contracts and recurring sales

  • Periodic and repetitive sales services, controlling maturities and payments.
  • Composed of one or more services, with different end dates. Contract documentation.
  • Billing and Dashboard of the Contracts for their follow-up.

General Ledger

Simplified tax tools

  • Configurable chart of accounts, based on the PGC. Association of account to customer, supplier, product, bank account, VAT % or expense template.
  • Validation and accrual of accounting entries before moving to the General Ledger.
  • Balances. Export of your ledger for Consulting.

HR and Interventions

Make employee control and administration more efficient

  • Request and approval of days off. Email notification of requests.
  • User vacation. Personal expenses. Management of interventions.
  • Parts of work performed and time applied to a client by intervention, of internal or external workers.

Calendar Administration

Save time with a shared management agenda

  • Agenda for the management of manual or automatic events, of all actions.
  • Appointments related to budgets and invoices creation, and for validation of entities (budgets, invoices, orders, shipments, etc).
  • View and share the agenda.

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