Cloud ERP - Finance

Business management for SMEs, entrepreneurs, foundations and associations.


Services included in our ERP Solution in the cloud.

  • Agenda of events associated with the actions of the budget entities, orders, invoices, etc.
  • Linking entities (Budget, orders, invoices, documents etc.) with the third party.
  • Notifications from third party contacts.
  • Notes (public and private) associated with the third party in order to inform him or internal users.
  • Possibility of sending mail to third parties in bulk.

  • Management of clients / potentials.
  • Supplier management.
  • Contact management.
  • Association of categories of clients / potentials / contacts.
  • Search for third parties and contacts easily and quickly.

  • Stock Transfers and movements.
  • Establishment of different price levels.
  • Replenishment of products (e.g. auxiliary material).
  • Management of shipments and transport.
  • Shipment lists and statistics.

  • Complete management of products and services.
  • Categorization of products and services.
  • Statistics of products and services.
  • Warehouse management and product stock.
  • Creation of delivery notes or deliveries.

  • Management of invoices to clients and suppliers.
  • Management of taxes and social charges.
  • Introduction of salary payments.
  • Commercial reports of general results, by clients, by products and services, by sales volume.
  • Merger of invoices pending payment or partial payment.
  • Grouping of orders in invoices.

  • Management of direct debits.
  • Automatic management of direct debit bill payments.
  • Workflow associated with the commercial area (estimates and orders).
  • Financial Statistics and Sales Margins
  • Statistics of invoices received and issued.
  • Sales and purchases journal.

  • Assignment of external users (such as clients) to a project, with the aim that it can be monitored in real time.
  • Association of entities to the project (estimates, orders, invoices from clients and suppliers, interventions, etc.).
  • Possibility of attaching relevant documents to the project and its tasks.
  • Summarized Gantt chart to obtain information on the status of the project as an agenda, which will allow us to find out if the project enters or not within the expected period according to the tasks completed, for its financial impact.

  • Management, control and quick vision of Projects.
  • Creation and monitoring of tasks assigned to a project based on the role of the project manager or the participants (internal and external).
  • Visualization of the project’s profits or losses according to the entities related to it (customer invoices and supplier invoices for various costs), in addition to the allocation of hours
  • Carried out by employees.

  • Monitoring of periodic and repetitive sale services, such as maintenance or those services that have a temporary and necessary control for business activity.
  • Save time and keep track of the expiration of our clients’ services so that their control and payment does not escape.
  • A contract is made up of one or more services that do not have to have the same end date, keeping the user responsible for it informed of this.
  • Download the pdf of a client’s contract with the contracted services.

  • Something very necessary for companies whose business is based on periodic fees for their activity, such as service companies with recurring activities to their clients, that is, any temporary link for the provision of a service.
  • Contract dashboard for efficient monitoring.
  • Billing of customer contracts thanks to the link with the financial module.

  • Set up your own chart of accounts, based on the PGC, and the accounting structure according to the needs of your company.
  • When you create a new customer, vendor, product, bank account, VAT%, or Expense template, you can establish, during creation or registration, the ledger account.
  • Validate the accounting entry before it is posted to your General Ledger.
  • Use predefined reports to analyze or track input errors, as often as you choose, and analyze all accounting entries (sales, purchases, bank transactions, expense reports), using the wizard to manually correct the notes you need.
  • Review the validated records in your General Ledger.

  • As often as you choose, analyze all the accounting entries (sales, purchases, bank transactions, expense reports) and use the wizard to track entry errors or manually correct what needs modification.
  • Periodify the sending of validated records from the Auxiliaries in your General Ledger.
  • Analyze the General Ledger, balance sheets, …
  • Export your ledger to the format you need, in case the Accounting is taken by an external Tax / Accounting Advisory.
  • Once you’ve completed your General Ledger, you can export it, or just a filtered date range or journal, into a host of pre-defined accounting software formats.

  • Request for days off by employees.
  • Approval of requests for days off by the responsible user.
  • Notification by email of the requests and their subsequent acceptance or not through an email that the employee will receive.
  • Management of user vacations.
  • Management of personnel expenses.
  • Establishment of the salary of an employee as a user of the system even if they do not have access to it.

  • Possibility of including the payment of salaries to employees so that they are reflected in the management of the company and form part of the balance sheet or global report of the same.
  • Establishment of the price per hour and the wage (in daily hours) of a worker of the company in order to later be able to obtain the results of profits or losses in the projects created by clients based on the summary of objects linked to it (client invoices and invoices of suppliers as associated costs, in addition to the hours and costs of worker users related to the project based on the hours applied to the project tasks).

  • Creation and management of interventions.
  • Control of work performed and time applied to a client due to his intervention.
  • Equivalent to parts of work carried out by workers internal or external to the company, being reflected in the system and with the knowledge of the company to determine an action.

  • Integration of interventions with customer contracts (which according to the contract mutually established with the company based on the interventions carried out, these will be charged on an agreed date (monthly, annual, etc.), or on the contrary, from a maintenance contract with a client (annual, or greater), you simply want to obtain the time dedicated to said client, which after prior payment of your fee, may or may not be viable for a subsequent renewal of the next contract period).
  • Integration with Projects.
  • Creation of invoices from the interventions made to a client with a single click, as long as it is an agreement by both parties.

  • Basic document storage system integrated with the standard entities of estimates, orders, invoices, third parties, etc …
  • It also allows the registration or uploading of files, whatever their extension, in entities such as project tasks, general document management, budgets, orders, invoices, third parties, with the purpose of relating said additional information with these entities, since Due to its file-entity relationship, it allows a quick search and a relationship of both.

  • Agenda for the management of automatic or manual events.
  • Share the agenda with other users.
  • Automatic registration of all the actions of the user responsible for an action (creation of estimates, creation of invoice, validation of entities such as estimates, invoices, orders, shipments, etc …).
  • Daily, weekly or quarterly viewing, for a broader view of the agenda.


Clients that use any of our Solutions.


The Light Scope is enough for Professionals and Entrepreneurs. For Companies the Enterprise or Premium Scope.

Plan Light

  • Third Parties
  • Products & Services
  • Finance
  • Proyects
  • Contracts
  • General Ledger
  • HHRR & Interventions
  • Agenda Management

Plan Enterprise

  • Third Parties
  • Products & Services
  • Finance
  • Proyects
  • Contracts
  • General Ledger
  • HHRR & Interventions
  • Agenda Management

Plan Premium

  • Third Parties
  • Products & Services
  • Finance
  • Proyects
  • Contracts
  • General Ledger
  • HHRR & Interventions
  • Agenda Management

If you want to share an environment with other Organizations, to reduce cost and time, or if you require a different module configuration than the 3 standard plans, you can request a Custom Plan.


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