Open Consulting is the new way to do Global Consulting

The emergence of "open source" software has led to a specialized global community, which has put the enormous talent and knowledge of tens of thousands of professionals in the world at the service of any company, including SMEs.

Thanks to this, many "open source" solutions today are evolving at a pace comparable to that of the huge development and consulting teams at major global software manufacturers.


Huge accumulated experience in large technology and business consultancies


Adaptation of the business model, organization and key processes, and how all of them are supported (or not) by the current technological platform.


Technological scalability to accompany the growth of the business


Integration with current computer systems (ERPs, etc.)


Definition of a complete "roadmap" known a priori, including sequence of steps to be taken, risks, costs and schedule.

Many companies start from a mature situation in terms of their map of current systems. Others, on the other hand, are new companies (start-ups) that see technology and the Internet as their reason for being. Regardless of their situation, many companies require, in addition to technological solutions, a certain "guidance" in their digital journey that allows them to ensure certain critical aspects.

Essenzial also provides these "traditional" Technological and Business Consulting services, thus enhancing the many years of experience accumulated by its team.