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The Virtual Campus of your Associates, Clients and Employees


Your organization wants to train employees, want to sell training online and carry out Marketing actions.



Find out in a short time how your organization can start delivering online training courses.

  • Classification of Courses by configurable Categories according to your needs.
  • Structure of Courses / Modules / Lessons. Course cloning functionality, facilitating its maintenance.
  • Classification of Lessons by Tags. Direct association of multimedia content to Lessons, privately, allowing their cloning to facilitate maintenance.
  • Assessment Test by Lesson, establishing if it is mandatory to pass to the next Lesson of the Course. Different types of Test Questions.
  • Test questions can include various types of content. It is possible to alter the order, and generate certificates of progress.
  • You can opt for an automatic punctuation system, associating weights to the questions.
  • Management of students and teachers. Online communication student / instructor. Student profiles can be public or private.
  • Students can view their assessment results and even restart them to improve learning, if the system is configured that way.
  • Assignment of Courses to Students and vice versa. Basic statistics of Courses and Students, with average of approved subjects.
  • Review of the results of the Test of each Course. Panel of Communications of the Teacher with the Students.
  • SCORM content, It is one of the newest formats that is being used by more and more universities around the world, as it provides a dynamic, interactive and easy learn user experience.
  • Our eLearning Platform allows the use of the latest technologies when providing online training, inserting SCORM content.
  • Essenzial can also help you create or convert your training content by digitizing it into SCORM format.
  • Integrated solution with Vimeo, for the professional hosting of your videos. Protect your content and restrict access to your online training platform.
  • We are also integrated with the most powerful and extended video-conference tool, ZOOM,  which will allow you to carry out classes in real time and in a non-face-to-face way, even having meetings or individual tours with the members of the online training given .
  • Adaptation of the standard design to your business, preparing the main content templates (courses and lessons).
  • Usability and Navigability. Choice of the associated business model: tutorials, webinars, master classes, educational programs, internal training for employees, online support for face-to-face training ...
diseño personalizado


Incorporate a collaborative environment into your Organization or Educational Center.

  • Allow the members of your organization, whether they are clients, collaborators or employees, to organize themselves in private social areas. Create public, private or hidden Groups, and allow your users to invite other participants to the group.
  • The group is an Activity area, where its members can share ideas through different types of multimedia content.
  • Create an environment where members can send private messages to each other, member to member, or to groups of members.
  • Email notifications allow Instructors / Students to be informed every time an event occurs. An email is sent to Students when their questionnaire is graded or when a course is Completed. Similarly, an email is sent to instructors when a student begins or completes their course, and when they submit questionnaires for manual grading.
  • Allow members to upload any type of Multimedia Content, organize and share it, so that other members can view and comment on it.
  • Create discussion forums that facilitate structured communication, such as a bulletin board, among members of your organization.
  • Each group can create its own forum. Multiple groups can also be attached to the same discussion space.
  • As in Public Social Networks, you can establish connections, through Friendship Requests, so that the exchange of information and communication between those connections is more particular or specific.
  • Create public campus-wide events or group events for members only, making it easy to sign up for them.
  • Global, personal and group activities. Comments, Direct Publication and Mentions. Email notifications. Turn Campus Groups into an interactive "Wall".
  • Create and manage your courses online, eliminating distracting links from Campus on course pages, modules, lessons, and quizzes.


Our eCommerce solution will help you sell courses online.

  • Complete Client and Accounts File, with registration and social login.
  • Creation of Groups (profile) and multiple addresses by Client.
  • Customer Story.
  • Customization and Email Notifications.
gestion de clientes
  • Catalog by categories. Composite products, bundles, mixes, linked, product configurator. Definition of the variations of a product. Product Options and Extras.
  • Comparison and documentation (pdf, audio, video, etc.) of products. Offers conditional on purchases of a certain quantity or amount.
  • Delete price ranges in variable products. Coupons by groups of Clients. Coupons through special URLs, without code (for sending by email). Discount detail on a product. Giving away products in Orders.
  • Increase / Decrease in prices by categories. Prices only visible for registered users. Introduction of the product cost, to calculate Margins. Price calculator based on dimensions.
  • Prices by languages ​​based on upgradeable exchange rates. Volume discounts. Points and rewards. Prices can be set by the client (eg Donations).
  • Notifications for status changes. Parameterizable fields. Online notices in order review. Skip Cart, going directly to checkout (purchase in one click). Waiting list to purchase out of stock products / Reservation of products. Generation of Barcode / QR associated to order. Wish list. Customizable order statuses. Request for information / offer of a product. Budget request.
  • Payment Methods for Product and / or user role. Payment in installments. Deposits or partial payments. Request for customer data for Bank Domiciliation. Payment on the product page. Sale of Prepaid Balance. Remove addresses from Checkout for digital products. Additional commission depending on the payment method. Generation of invoices and automatic delivery notes. Management of abandoned carts.
  • Choose between +100 payment gateways:
  • REDSYS. Stripe. Paypal, Paypal Express. Realex (Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Laser, Switch, y Diners Club). Iupay (Servired payment gateway). 4B. CECA. Amazon pay. Adyen.


Transmit all relevant information to your organization dynamically.

  • Section of the site where to write and periodically publish "posts" or "articles" of special content and in order to achieve certain objectives.
  • The latest news related to your business.
  • All the latest information and specialists in related topics.
  • Section in which press releases, appearances in the media, interviews, reports, etc are posted.
  • Thanks to the press room, clients can access all the content disseminated by the organization.
  • Specific area to carry out book reviews or any other type of resource related to training.
  • Publications distributed on a regular basis, each focused on a specific topic. Many newsletters are intended to provide information of interest to your customers or subscribers.
  • Public recognition by the organization of a specific person for excellence in their activity, function or quality.
  • Area to promote the services of «Partners» with whom we have an agreement
  • The resources section facilitates a transmission of messages or certain information in a visual way, either through videos, photos, podcasts, etc.
  • Promotions are intended to inform, persuade and remind the customer of the existence of your organization's products and services.


Your organization or educational center does not do online Marketing yet?

  • Capture of potential customers (leads), directly from the web or from promotional pages (landing pages) through call-to-action forms.
  • The Online Marketing Campaigns module allows you to manage the Lead from the moment of its creation, thus being able, for example, to assign it to a specific Campaign, include it in a specific Profile, add it to a dynamic segmentation report, assign it to a list of objectives or create automatic tasks assigned to the Lead.
  • In addition to assigning potential customers from the web to the Online Marketing Campaigns Module, you can also create them by importing Lists that you have made or purchased in excel format, and that will allow you to carry out personalized campaigns with a predefined message and focus.
  • You can easily create Campaigns by waves, and the waves can be planned, that is, you can create a wave to launch hours or days later.
  • The Campaigns of the Essenzial CRM solution also include dynamic Target Audience Lists fed by dynamic reports that are easy to configure, this will allow to control who the campaigns are directed to.
  • Essenzial's CRM solution gives you the opportunity to create your own email templates that will be used in interactions with Leads.
  • The Campaigns have a follow-up of statistics: Sent, Open, Clicked, Unsubscribed, Bounced, Possible clients, Opportunities, income associated with conversions.
  • We have easy ways-to-create Workflows and BPMs for data management in the CRM under certain conditions: sending email, updating or creating records, creating notifications via CRM Collaboration, and assigning records by specific Rules.


For those courses that require recurring payment, you can have our fully integrated subscription model.

  • They allow you to create recurring fee products with different periodicities.
  • You will be able to follow as many subscribers as you have, when they are billed, and how much revenue you are generating.
genere ingresos recurrentes
  • It can be associated with a virtual or physical product / service, that is downloadable, that payments can be executed with different periodicity.
  • It allows customers to choose a subscription, according to need and billing calendar, being able to buy different subscription modalities in the same transaction.
  • Let´s you charge an initial amount for the customer's setup costs.
  • Possibility for the customer to try first, before closing the purchase process, completely, for any product.
  • You can change your subscription, trial expiration date, add items, shipments, fees, or taxes, or even change your recurring total for future payments.
  • Offer customers a discount on monthly recurring fees, or just apply them to the initial payment.
  • Shipments on specific days of the month, or align all customers to the same deadline. You can even prorate the first payment for a synced subscription.
  • Subscribers can suspend or cancel the subscription, change the address or payment method for renewals, and increase or decrease the plan.


Digital Transformation also requires focusing on the Result.

  • The Virtual Campus messages allow bidirectional communication between Instructors and Students, without the need to access the Administration Panel.
  • Email notifications allow Instructors / Students to be informed every time an event occurs. An email is sent to Students when their questionnaire is graded or when a course is Completed.
  • Similarly, an email is sent to instructors when a student begins or completes their course, and when they submit questionnaires for manual grading.
  • The Dashboard offers powerful detailed reports where you can see the progress of students in all courses, lessons and quizzes.
  • There are three central areas of analysis: courses, lessons, and overview / crossover of courses and lessons with students. The three areas are deeply connected and generate “drill-down” information, showing the aggregation of data in Charts, and being able to see the detail of their bars or sectors.
  • Each analysis area is designed to link with each other, so you can navigate to the detail of a student, course, lesson, or quiz where their name appears.
  • You can also filter and export all displayed data tables to Excel, by different selection criteria.


So you can focus on your business tasks, get the most out of our technology

  • Use the CRM to store and manage eCommerce data in a faster and easier way.
  • The integration consists of a layer based on Data Transport (via Rest API), and another layer dedicated to Information Transformation, using a powerful Business Process Modeler (BPM).
  • Upon the incorporation of a new registry in the Electronic Commerce Solution, the integration to the CRM is launched.
  • The entities affected are those associated with Customers, Products, Orders and Subscription, including headers, detail lines and relationships of interest.
  • In the same way, when a change occurs in these entities, the origin system launches an update order on the target system.
  • The integration considers that the use of the standard Rest API of the Electronic Commerce Solution reliably guarantees access to a single source of truth.
  • A set of tables have been defined in the CRM, customized to store the eCommerce information that your business requires.
  • In these entities, in addition to storing the necessary information, relationships are created with other entities of the system, subsequently facilitating the use of the data by the user, through Workflows and the Business Process Modeler (BPM).
fuentes de datos y buzones destino
  • The use of an Asynchronous Integration Architecture, of almost immediate periodicity, through Work Queues, allows to improve performance, guaranteeing the consistency of the system as a whole.
  • The information received is stored in the inboxes for your use.
  • The "Table of Tables with recurrence" model of the Origin System is transformed through the corresponding BPM's into a pure relational model (in 3rd normal form), easily accessible.
  • The integration in the CRM part is also capable of retrieving related information that was previously incorporated, and even requesting certain information from the source System on demand.
  • This last aspect gives great flexibility to information sources (in this case the eCommerce Solution), since it postpones any management query, prioritizing the response times of users connected to Electronic Commerce.
  • There is the possibility of updating statuses related to the management carried out in the Backend (any of the target systems considered: CRM or ERP), sending modification requests to the origin System. They basically refer to the modification of order and subscription status, both in its logistics and financial components.
  • This additional functionality is treated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the sector and your business needs, remaining outside the standard plans.


Clients that use any of our Solutions.


Choose the cheapest Plan and scale it in the future as needed.

Plan Light

  • Course Catalog
  • Virtual campus
  • Administration and Dashboard
  • Communication area
  • Sale of Courses and Events
  • Online Marketing – Course Promotion
  • Sale of Courses by Subscription
  • Integration and Helpdesk

Plan Enterprise

  • Course Catalog
  • Virtual campus
  • Administration and Dashboard
  • Communication area
  • Sale of Courses and Events
  • Online Marketing – Course Promotion
  • Sale of Courses by Subscription
  • Integration and Helpdesk

Plan Premium

  • Course Catalog
  • Virtual campus
  • Administration and Dashboard
  • Communication area
  • Sale of Courses and Events
  • Online Marketing – Course Promotion
  • Sale of Courses by Subscription
  • Integration and Helpdesk

If you want to share a Platform with other Organizations, to reduce cost and time, or if you require a different module configuration than the 3 standard plans, you can request a Custom Plan.


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