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We digitalize Scientific Societies, Foundations and Associations

Cloud software for Foundations, Scientific Societies, NGO's, Associations, Professional Associations and Trade Unions. Reduce your TCO.

  • Boost your collective image with the best software for foundations. With a powerful Business Card, incorporating information from the FOUNDATION, Areas of Activity or Practice.
  • Make it easy for your technical office to provide value added services. through tools that efficiently manage interaction with Partners and Collaborators; the One-Stop Online Services, publications.
  • Build your partners, sponsors and patron loyalty. into a platform for Online Training and management of Marketing Campaigns to partners, collaborators and help them via your prescription.
Infografía de la Plataforma Digital Essenzial para Fundaciones, Asociaciones y Sociedades Científicas

Digital Challenges and Benefits

Everybody talks about Digital Transformation, but few know how to use it to boost your organization.

Access a larger number of partners, via new channels.
Access to new audiences and potential collaborators.
Greater efficiency on management of projects and resources.
Ability to collect and analyze data in real time.
Easier information sharing and knowledge transfer.
Flexibility to adapt to market needs.
Improve the inside Collaboration and Comunication.
Greater transparency and accountability.
You can easilly add new organization services.
Think big and professionalize your marketing campaigns with a CRM solution.
Improve the positioning and image of your Foundation on the Internet.
Free resources for your strategic line of services; pay only for what you use in the cloud.
Easily plan joint campaigns with your partner companies, and do not change anything of what you have.
Complements your current portal with the new Landing Pages that you generate per campaign.
You will obtain higher income because you will attract new partners
You will become an attractive partner for your companies collaborating in their CSR initiatives (Corporate Social Responsibility).
Help reduce your IT costs and free resources for your solidarity projects.
Get a 360 vision of the Members and Partners interactions.

More information about Essenzial Platform

Web and Helpdesk

Essenzial Fundaciones: Web y Ventanilla Única

Give to your Members an unique User Experience

  • Have a full web that offers to your Members a great experience.
  • Centralize all your service in one site with a simplier purchase.
  • Make your organization administrative task easier.

Training and Education

Essenzial Fundaciones y Asociaciones: Formacion y Docencia

Implement your Digital Training and Education Strategy

  • Organize your educational offering with a powerful catalog.
  • Have courses with which to carry out a quality training process.
  • Do an easy eLearning tracking.

Research Projects

Essenzial Fundaciones y Asociaciones: Proyectos y Becas de Investigación

Manage and grade Research Projects and Scholarships

  • Allow to your Members an easier and effective ways of Project and Scholarships application.
  • Do a better management of the evaluation proccess.
  • Customize your Evaluation Criteria by Project type and year.

Quality and Innovation

Essenzial Fundaciones y Asociaciones: Acreditaciones y Certificados de Calidad

Simplify your Quality Certification process

  • Make your acreditation process automatic and get all the data in a single place.
  • Define your custom Acreditation Criteria and manage the evaluation process.
  • Accelerate the Acreditation request process, its tracking and the results analysis.

Congress and Events

Essenzial Fundaciones y Asociaciones: Congresos y Eventos

Manage virtual Congress and Events

  • Spread your, zoom integrated, events throught your services catalogue.
  • Have informatives callendars for the Members.
  • Send notifications to the Members with the next events.

Customer reviews


Essenzial Fundaciones y Asociaciones: Áreas de Trabajo

Enable virtual workspaces for Member teamwork

  • Provide your Members a common workspace with easy communication.
  • Improve your information sharing method while working.
  • Digitalize the workspace access process and track the activity.

Members portal

Essenzial Fundaciones y Asociaciones: Área Privada del Socio, Asociado y Afiliados

Have a Members private area, with 360º interaction

  • Unify all services in one place and give more control to your Members.
  • Easy management of courses, events, projects, groups, activities and certificates.
  • Manage your tickets in an easy way.

Publications and Communications

Essenzial Fundaciones y Asociaciones: Revistas y Publicaciones Científicas

Give digital magazines and value content to your Members

  • Classify your society communications, and create automatic approval workflows.
  • Add online magazines for scientific articles ans its documental management.
  • Create communication cabinets, press rooms and newsletters.

Members management and Elections

Essenzial Fundaciones y Asociaciones: Secretaría Técnica

Administrative task in just one click

  • Fully integrated with the administration solution.
  • Facilitate your Members data management and automatize the communication process.
  • Get a electoral process with more efficiency, transparency and security for your foundation.

Administration and Dashboard

Essenzial Fundaciones y Asociaciones: Administración y Cuadro de Mando

Analize and Manage your organization easier

  • Foundation Solution Administrator and global vision of the status of all partners.
  • Full management of all service line. Top-down perspective.
  • Process and notifications automatization.

Digital Solutions for NGO's solidarity trade

eCommerce Software for Solidarity Gifts, Online and physical greeting cards, Sponsorships, Member Subscriptions and Event Reservations.

  • Do you want to give the tools for effective found accounting campaigns to your NGO?
  • Solidary eCommerce. Sponsorships, Donations, Online greeting cards, Solidary gifts and Event reservation.
  • Social CRM & Cooperative eLearning CSR management, Solidary eMarketing and collaborative enviroments. Online training for Collaborators and Partners.

Reasons and Oportunities

Reduce the TCO, with a best practices based roadmap and a free evolutive maintenance.

  • The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is the addition of all cost associated to a product or service in its life time.
  • We help you carry out a personalized cost reduction study.
  • You can compare the new solution investment, knowing all your actual hidden cost, and the new solution costs detail.

Update and improve your solution for free:

  • Our Foundation Platform’s pay-as-you-go approach covers Application Evolutive Maintenance (functionality included in our future standard releases and updates).
  • The new versions are made folowing an exhaustive analysis, design, development and test process.
  • A roadmap based on a most visited foundations study. The analysis process of new functionallity is based on the most demanded request made by our installed base, and on a study of the most viewed Foundations, Associations and scientific Societies.

Essenzial selects the 50 Foundations, Associations and Scientific Societies with the highest average monthly visits, to carry out a study of the most demanded public functionalities. In this way, the Evolution Roadmap of the Essenzial Standard Platform is aligned with a representative sample.

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