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Digitization of Engineering, Services, Logistics and Retail companies

Software for Cloud Services. Reduce your TCO.

  • Improve your corporate image. From a powerful Internet Business Card, incorporating information on Services, Areas of Activity or Practice, …
  • Improve your position in the sector. … including tools to efficiently manage the Collaboration necessary to provide Services, or the Sale of Online Services, publications, knowledge…
  • Increase your business. … to a platform for training and management of marketing campaigns to customers and followers.

Digital Challenges and Benefits

Everyone talks about Digital Transformation, but few know how to use it to drive your company forward.

Increased efficiency in inventory and logistics management.
Cost reduction in storage, distribution and transport.
Improved informed decision-making based on real-time data analysis.
More accurate tracking and control of shipments and deliveries.
Increased visibility and transparency in the supply chain.
Flexibility to adapt to market needs and changes in demand.
Improved customer experience through digital sales and customer service platforms.
Possibility to offer new services and programs online.
TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) considers all costs associated with a given product or service throughout its life cycle, not only considering direct costs, but also indirect costs, also known as “hidden” costs.
We help you to carry out a customised cost reduction study.
In this way, you will be able to compare the investment of the new solution, taking into account the hidden costs of your current situation, and the cost breakdown of the different items that are proposed in the new solution.

Corporative Portal

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Manage the different areas of your business

  • Content Management of the different areas: Presentation of the Portfolio of Products and Services
  • News, Blog and VideoBlog, Promotions, Terms and Conditions
  • Customer Testimonials. Present your Installations and Showrooms.

Online Marketing

Publicise your business

  • Carry out Digital Marketing Campaigns to publicize and present your Products and Services.
  • Customized campaigns by profiles based on the tastes and / or preferences of your potential customers.
  • More effective campaigns to increase your income.

Online Sale

internet oportunidad de negocio pymes

Sell online without headaches

  • Digitize all those transactions, which can be carried out online, and reduce structure / personnel costs.
  • Management of customer orders and distribution channel. Transportation and Stock Management.
  • Run promotions online. Shopping cart and Checkout. Electronic Payment Gateways.

Sales force

Optimise your sales force

  • Optimize your Sales Force, manage your territories and sales teams, apply a sales methodology supported by our CRM.
  • Management of Opportunities, Forecast, Budget, Orders and Offers, Contracts. Online reporting for your commercials.
  • Access to customer information from your sellers’ mobile devices.

Customer reviews

Client Portal

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Improve your customer experience

  • Private area where you can consult the offers, orders, invoices and customer contracts.
  • Facilitates contact and exchange of information.
  • Facilitates access to documentation and personalized promotions.

Services & Helpdesk

Provide the best service to your customer

  • Management of Customer Service Orders, including Transportation and Storage of products.
  • Assignment of Orders by different criteria (routes, knowledge area, etc). Track orders.
  • One-stop shop / Helpdesk. Customers create their own tickets, being able to consult and follow up later.


Integrates all operational processes in an agile way

  • Streamline the logistics and administrative / financial processes of your organization.
  • Allowing communication between Electronic Commerce, and the Sales and Services areas with the CRM / ERP.
  • Through a powerful BPM (business process modeler), simplifying construction and subsequent maintenance.


Analyse and manage your business at a glance

  • Overview and analytics based on graphs and detailed reports.
  • Where you can see all the information of your system of Customers, Orders, Service Orders and Incidents.
  • Go from general data to detail with ease. Possibility of Exporting the reports to excel.

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