Administration and Dashboard

Visualize in detail each of the relevant aspects of your society / foundation.


How does the Dashboard work?

  • Administrator of the Foundation Solution.
  • Overview of the status of all partners.
  • Complete management of all service lines
  • Automation of processes.

“Essenzial helped us with its technological platform to complement our Fundraising solutions”

Fernando Sevillano – Former Business Manager of the Action Against Hunger Foundation

Analysis Areas by different axes
Partner Reports for each Service Line
Two-way communication Web Portal and CRM
Drill-down graphics, from general to specific

360º vision and access by service line

The backend solution offers the possibility of managing information from two main points of view, facilitating the management of said information.

On the one hand, it has details of all interactions with the Scientific Society or Foundation by service line. On the other hand, it has the 360º vision of the Partner, offering in the latter case a professional analysis of the information.

Training and Education

This screen contains the information associated with the registration status, which can be updated by the Technical Secretariat or by the Tutor Administrators of each course. It also has the student’s progress and grade, as well as a certificate, if it has already been generated manually or automatically.

By doing Drill-Down from a Participant, you can view the evolution of the training activity by lessons, and within these, by questions from the associated questionnaire if it has one. In this section you can see the details of participants registered for a course or promotion, either through an online purchase or an in-person registration form.

Work Areas, Congresses and Events

These sections are conceptually very similar to the Training area, so that, in the case of work areas, you can quickly have a quick overview of the status of the different work groups, as well as the status of each participant in them.

In the Activities section you can access all Videoconferences, Meetings, Calls and Tasks assigned to a person, or to any of the services for which they have applied or registered.

Projects and Awards

You can select different projects, scholarships or accreditations, as well as the corresponding exercise, to access the different registered applicants from the website.

The screen shows information related to the status of applications for projects and scholarships. Additionally, by clicking on an application you can see all the information and documentation associated with each stage of the process, as well as the list of collaborators and other information required for the project or scholarship.

It also has the Evaluation Process based on 4 steps:
1. Definition of Evaluation Teams and evaluators by Project/Exercise.
2. Assignment of Applications to Equipment, and State Matrix.
3. Grading Process
4. Analysis of Result of the Evaluation process.

Certificates and accreditations

The certificate generation process is automated through the use of workflows in the backend.

These workflows are parameterized and customized in the initial implementation and can be used to automate various actions, such as the generation of student certificates. This is achieved by identifying the necessary conditions and using customizable templates.

Operational Indicators

Essenzial’s solution for foundations incorporates an analysis desk where the foundation’s technical secretariat is offered a general and analytical vision through graphs and global data.

The operational indicators offer detailed information that refers to the different services of the Foundation, but coincide with the direction indicators, in the visual, dynamic and intuitive way of presenting the information, thus improving and facilitating the experience of the internal management of the Foundation.

Direction Indicators

Unlike operational indicators, each area of ​​analysis is designed to link seamlessly to each other, so you can drill down to a partner, course, lesson, or quiz where your name appears.

You can also filter and export to Excel all the data tables displayed, by different selection criteria.

Partner recruitment

Capture partners, donors or sponsors, directly from the website or from the landing page (promotional pages) through “call to action” forms.

Essenzial’s CRM solution allows you to manage the potential partner, donor or sponsor from the first moment, being able to, for example, assign it to a specific Campaign, include it in a Profile, add it to a dynamic report, assign it to a list of objectives or create assigned tasks.

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