The Essenzial Solutions are in the Cloud

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Outsourcing of storage and processing hardware, using virtualization, and eliminating the need to maintain the centers in the company itself.Learn more »

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

It can include any activity associated with the development and implementation of applications from the Internet: databases, application servers, security and integration.Learn more »

Software as a Service (SaaS)

This layer includes our front-office applications, allowing the user to interact with clients, as one more service.Learn more »

The Essenzial Solutions are 100% Responsive Design

Why a Solution in the Cloud?

  • Full service

    It can cover the Infrastructure, Platform and Applications that your Business needs.

  • Technology without Risk in the hands of experts

    Companies do not have to be the experts in the technology that supports their businesses.

  • Services from anywhere

    The Cloud Model represents a collection of services offered through the Network, accessible from anywhere.

  • Services provisioned from large Data Centers

    These are IT Services, usually managed in a different place from where they are used by the client.

  • In all phases of an Information System

    These services may require an initial Implementation and Adaptation, as well as subsequent Support.

  • For all kinds of needs

    Although in general we refer to Public Clouds, there are companies that decide to make a transformation of their information systems through Private Clouds.

  • Reuse of Standard Solutions

    Talking about Cloud Solutions is talking about reusing Standard Solutions, with minimal adaptations, if possible, below 10%.

  • Privacy, Security and Regulatory Compliance

    The aspects of the Cloud model that most concern companies are privacy and data location, so when evaluating Cloud Solutions, it is not only convenient to look at the last layer of SaaS, because IaaS and PaaS are equally important. Essenzial has taken this into account when configuring their Solutions, aligning them with the largest ones (Amazon, Google, Godaddy and Telefónica).

  • Cost reduction

    The Cloud model implies a very low initial cost, since the services are available as they are needed at each moment, paying for the use of them and allowing to be expanded as the business requires it. This represents for the companies an authentic transformation of fixed costs into variables.

  • Interesting for SMEs and Large Companies

    SMEs have historically been at a disadvantage compared to large companies. The Cloud approach of Information Systems allows SMEs to compete at the same technological level, eliminating large initial investments, and paying only for the use of resources.

  • It is especially interesting for Startups

    Entrepreneurs need to reduce the time-to-market. This, together with the effect of "pay-per-use", improves the positioning of new products and services in the market, for companies in general and Start-Ups in particular.

We offer you everything as a service

Forget buying hardware, contracting communications, security, etc.

ESSENZIAL's SaaS Solutions use the best Open Source Software




Wordpress is the leading Content Management Software. More than half of the Internet uses Wordpress

 (Source: "Most Popular Content Management System of Oct-2016" BuiltWith)




Woocommerce has grown 4 times more than Magento in the last 3 years. Woocommerce has become the leader in 2016. Your community takes advantage of the strengths of Wordpress. Wordpress is used by 51% of the Internet.

(Source: "Global eCommerce Technology Distribution Mar2016". BuiltWith)




Sensei 100% integrated with Wordpress and WooCommerce. 51% of the Internet uses Wordpress, and Woocommerce grows the most. Sensei covers 90% of the functionality of Moodle.

(Source: eLearning Guild Research)




Gartner and Forrester, have qualified as "visionary" and "modern" Open Source CRM Software used by the 45,000 IBM commercial, SugarCRM. Essenzial uses an evolution, at a lower cost than Salesforce.

(Source: August 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant)


To speak of Platform as a Service ( PaaS) is to refer to the technological stack that installed in the layer that provides the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), allows provisioning a Platform to cover the entire cycle of development, testing and implementation of Solutions in Cloud.

In the broadest sense, it can provide a horizontal functionality consisting of operating system, database, web server, integration, security and authentication, messaging, content management systems, etc.

Once the development phase is completed using PaaS, it is very easy to do the associated deployment in any Company.

The client does not need to acquire any basic software, eliminating initial licensing costs.

Essenzial, as part of its Open Source philosophy -> Open Consulting -> Open Solution, has decided to bet totally on Free Software, choosing the following components for the development of its Solutions:

OS Linux (Ubuntu o CentOS)
Database MySql
Web Server Apache

All of them are part of our "technology stack". They all form our PaaS.

Our future roadmap for the next years, and therefore the evolution of our PaaS, goes through the combination of the current components with OpenStack.


  • Model Infrastructure provisioned as a Service, relying on a virtualization platform in most cases.
  • It covers the needs that were usually carried out by the IT departments of the companies, such as the acquisition of servers, storage units, space in a center, equipment for networks and communications, etc.
  • Essenzial has its own Infrastructure to service these types of needs, for a small organization size.
  • For this reason, the offer of Essenzial in the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) section is completed with that of market leading suppliers , assuming the request and coordination of the service, as well as the necessary intermediation to carry out the use of said infrastructure.
  • It is easily scalable and accepts an incremental approach, within the same provider or even between different ones. The normal thing, for entrepreneurs and small businesses, is to start with the IaaS of Essenzial and expand it when your business requires it.

This information is updated every quarter, depending on the variations in the characteristics and cost of the services offered by the suppliers selected by Essenzial to complete their offer.

vCPU RAM Storage Data Transf. O.S. Option
Essenzial All-in-One 1 2Gb 500Gb Ilimitado Linux-Ubuntu Multi-Tenant
Godaddy-Economy 1Gb 40Gb 1TB/mes Linux-CentOS Single-Tenant
Godaddy-Valor 2Gb 60Gb 2TB/mes Linux-CentOS Single-Tenant
Godaddy-Deluxe 3Gb 90Gb 3TB/mes Linux-CentOS Single-Tenant
Godaddy-Premium 4Gb 120Gb 4TB/mes Linux-CentOS Single-Tenant
Godaddy-Ultimate 8Gb 240Gb 8TB/mes Linux-CentOS Single-Tenant
Amazon-m3.medium 1 3,75Gb 30Gb 1TB/mes Linux-Ubuntu Single-Tenant
Amazon-m3.large 2 7,5Gb 60Gb 1TB/mes Linux-Ubuntu Single-Tenant
Amazon-m3.xlarge 4 15Gb 120Gb 1TB/mes Linux-Ubuntu Single-Tenant
Amazon-m3.2xlarge 8 30Gb 240Gb 1TB/mes Linux-Ubuntu Single-Tenant
Google-n1-standard-1 1 3,75Gb 30Gb
Google-n1-standard-2 2 7,5Gb 60Gb
Google-n1-standard-4 4 15Gb 120Gb
Google-n1-standard-8 8 30Gb 240Gb
Telefónica-Standard 1 GB 1 1Gb 30Gb 1TB/mes
Telefónica-Standard 2 GB 2 2Gb 60Gb 2TB/mes
Telefónica-Standard 4 GB 4 4Gb 120Gb 4TB/mes
Telefónica-Standard 8 GB 8 8Gb 240Gb 8TB/mes