Review and redefine your digital strategy, your goals.

You must review your strengths, as well as the aspects that customers value the most about your products and your company, that is, you must update your knowledge of your possibilities.

You should also review the strategy you are following at the moment, reviewing the short, medium and long-term objectives that you have set for yourself. You must contrast them with the results you are achieving and measure their degree of compliance. You should also ask yourself if all the objectives you are pursuing are still valid or if you need to make some changes.

Finally, you must modify your strategy and adapt it to be able to achieve the new or modified objectives that you have proposed. Based on the new strategy, you must also modify and update your work plan.

revisar definir estrategia digital

Increase the frequency of your publications.

Define a plan to add more content to your website and do it more frequently. Of course, even if the quantity increases, you must ensure that the quality continues to be as high as possible. You may need outside help for this, but the investment will be worth it.

Work to improve the structure of the content, so that customers find your website more attractive and easier to navigate. That will also improve your search engine rankings.

If you don’t have a content blog and / or a newsletter, create them. If you already have them, increase the number of articles published. If you see that you lack time and resources to do it, you can look for external collaborators to do it, always under your supervision.

You can also try to publish your articles on third party pages, as long as there is some affinity and adding a link to your website. This will also improve your positioning on the Internet.

incrementar frecuencia publicaciones

Create links between your website and the most important sites in your sector.

You must look for synergies with the internet sites that belong to your business environment, collaborate with the web pages that are related to yours, creating bidirectional links with the most important in your sector: specialized web portals, sector magazines, Newsletters, etc.

A quick option to achieve this is to generate a marketing campaign with paid ads, with the aim of making yourself known to the largest possible number of potential customers. For example, you can contract with Google a campaign that shows your name and link to your page every time someone does a search for the number one company of your competition.

Another option would be to publish on your website an interview with a relevant personality in your sector of activity. You would get your page to receive many more visits and gain more visibility.

crear enlaces link building

Publish useful information: Create a Knowledge Base with the most demanded questions (FAQs).

If the information you publish is useful for clients and prospects, the number of visits will increase and with it the visibility of your website and its positioning in search engines.

A good idea is to create a Knowledge Base with the questions most demanded by customers or users of your products (FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions).

You can start by providing instructions on how your products and services should be used, then add the most frequent queries and, finally, develop specific content that provides detailed solutions to the problems that you consider most important.

Don’t forget the most important piece: the search engine. If the knowledge base does not work well, it will not achieve its goal and users will leave your page.

crear base conocimiento faqs

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