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Build (or renew) your brand-company, to put your business back in the place you want, in the place that corresponds to it.

Review and redefine your digital strategy, your goals. Increase the frequency of your publications. Create links between your website and the most important sites in your sector. Publish useful information: Create a Knowledge Base with the most demanded questions (FAQs).

Get visibility: Appear in searches related to your business.

In the short term, you can run search ad campaigns to make yourself known. In the medium and long term, you can introduce a basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) configuration on your website to improve your position in the searches of potential clients.

Participate actively in the most important forums and blogs in your sector.

Position yourself as an expert on issues related to your business. Write articles and press releases. Spread them in newspapers and social networks.

Have you identified your main Marketing, Sales and Customer Service processes?

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