Participate actively in the most important forums and blogs in your sector.

Position yourself as an expert on issues related to your business.

You should try to capitalize on the knowledge and experience you have of your business and a good way to do it is to put it in writing and publish it, either on your page or on a relevant page related to your activity.

If the content you publish is useful and / or interesting, you will increase the loyalty of your visitors, that is, you will get them to visit you more times and, probably, for longer. You will also increase their trust in you and your website.

On the other hand, it is important that you work to have your own style, whether you publish on your page or on third-party pages. This way people will be able to recognize you, which will increase your evaluation.

posicionar como experto en los temas

Write articles and press releases.

Write articles that can be useful and interesting to as many people as possible. To do this, you must select the most attractive from your range of knowledge. For example, you can choose those that are more related to current affairs, this will make you get a greater number of readers.

Work so that your articles include keywords that improve your positioning. It is not as difficult as it may seem, nor do the keywords have to be too many. You can learn a lot about this topic by visiting, for example, your competition’s pages and searching for keywords with one of the many tools (even free ones) that already exist today.

It is also a good idea to add a “press releases” section to your website: It is about being attentive to the news of your sector and publishing a small note on your page about those that you consider most relevant, including a small comment of your own harvest. Many of your readers will appreciate it, because being the day is the most difficult.

redactar articulos y notas de prensa

Spread them in newspapers and social networks.

If you have managed to generate content that you consider both useful and interesting, you should try to disseminate it to the maximum, both in the online world and in the offline world, both in specialized newspapers or forums and in the most generalist media (In the social networks for example). It is important that you try to minimally adapt your publications to the medium in which you make them and the audience you are addressing, which will not always be the same.

Remember that all the effort you make to improve your positioning on the internet will also increase the long-term visibility of your company and that of your products and services and, therefore, the sales results.

Finally, it is important to be patient with all these actions, as their results will only be noticeable in the medium and long term. Of course, its effects will also be quite long-lasting.

difundir en periodicos y redes sociales