Cross the new information with the existing one to deduce if a lead is a real opportunity in the shortest possible time.



Get relevant information for your future operations

Get useful information for your next marketing campaigns. The qualification of the leads allows us to better know what our clients want. You need to sharpen your aim in your future advertising campaigns.

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Relate this information with other customer data and draw conclusions

Analyze the information provided by the client through questionnaires. Relate this information to other customer data. When we cross the existing data with that obtained by qualifying, we can make more informed decisions and know if the operation is profitable in the short term or not.

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Incorporates questionnaires to speed up the qualification of leads

It incorporates the questionnaires that allow you to obtain valuable information (BANT Questionnaires: Budget, Authority, Need, Time). Is There a Need? Is there a budget? Is our interlocutor the person who can buy? Is now the time?

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