Add an eCommerce solution and integrate it with the rest of your business, including the necessary changes in the organization chart of your company.



Add an eCommerce solution for the sale of your products and services.

Publish a comprehensive catalog that is truly practical for customers, making searches and comparisons easy. Include your customers' comment´s, especially positive ones. It facilitates the registration of clients, the creation of profiles, accounts and groups. Manage the complete sales cycle: Prices, orders, offers and discounts, payments and invoices.

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Integrate your online sales channel with the rest of your business: Make sure your customers don’t get lost, that they always see the same company.

Synchronize the inventory of your online store and your physical store. Connect the information of your clients online and offline to get a single vision. Remember that the customer not only buys, they also get informed and give their opinion on your website.

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Redesign your organization chart to achieve better results.

To integrate eCommerce with the rest of the business, an internal reorganization must be carried out in the company. It is not good to create a specific division, isolated from the rest and with its own personnel and resources.

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