It is your employees who build company relationships with customers.

It is your employees who interact with your customers, those who collect the orders, those who deliver the products and services. They are the main and sometimes only visible face of the company, the most reliable and credible source for customers to speak with our organization.

Therefore, it is essential to listen to them and motivate them: to know their concerns and concerns and try to satisfy them, to try to make them participate in the culture of our company, that they share our values. If your employees are happy, they will convey positive feelings to customers.

In the case of an external company, the objective must be the same: that its employees serve our customers well. If possible, you must include these terms in the collaboration contract, just as the other points are included: delivery times, product delivery conditions, etc.

entrega productos y servicios

Give them the proper guidance.

Much of the success of a customer service is the attitude of the employees who perform it. If they have a good disposition, if they are kind and correct, customers will notice, they will positively value the service received and, above all, they will be more willing to acquire the products and services of your company.

That is why it is essential that you give your employees the proper guidance and the first and foremost thing is that you lead by example, that you treat your employees with kindness and correctness, as you want them to treat customers. The climate that you generate in the company is what they will transmit.

You can also carry out training sessions to convey these positive attitudes, this company culture. This is not about transmitting knowledge or data but about emotions, it is about making employees feel as much as possible part of our project, of our history.

dar orientacion adecuada

Provide them the necessary training.

It is important to remember that customer service is not just an attitude, but also an aptitude. Employees must have the appropriate knowledge and ability to perform their work correctly, otherwise they will not be able, even if they want to, to perform their work at the appropriate level.

To do this, they must receive the necessary training: they must know as much as possible the characteristics of the products and their mode of operation, if applicable. They should also know the most frequent problems and incidents associated with each product.

Moreover, in addition to training, employees must have an easily accessible source to find all the information related to the company’s products and services, especially when they are in contact with customers. In this way, they can immediately resolve any possible doubts they may have.

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