Analyze historical data and prepare responses for the most common incidents.

You must anticipate customer questions and take the initiative. For example, you can analyze historical data and use it to build a database of frequently asked questions from customers (FAQs), as well as pertinent answers.

You should also incorporate information about the most common incidents associated with your products. If they are caused by misuse by customers, you can illustrate the correct way to use them, for example with YouTube videos, this will significantly reduce the number of incidents.

elegir procesos y monitorizalos

Post them. Keep track of the queries that are made.

You must include all this information on your website, so that customers can freely access it. Incorporate a good quality search tool so that customers can easily find what they are looking for. This way you will achieve a high level of satisfaction with a fairly low cost.

Additionally, customers must have the ability to add responses to questions or issues. Of course you should review them, but whenever possible you should leave them on your website, that will increase your sense of belonging to the company.

incrementar usabilidad y experiencia

Use demand forecasting techniques to bid.

Check the historical data of your sales, break it down by periods of time, for example, sales of the last Christmas campaign, or the last month of September. Add information on the current economic situation and forecasts for the short and medium term.

Seek the opinion of the experts in your sector. Also ask your salespeople, they are on the street for a long time and usually have a good idea of the state of the business and its evolution in the near future.

Also add your own experience, your intuition and build demand patterns for your products and services. There are many technological solutions that allow you to process and analyze all the above data. Finally, use the demand patterns that you have developed to create offers and to generate campaigns that promote them.

utilizar tecnicas de prediccion para ofertas

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