Modernize your website.

Increase usability and improve user experience.

It is important that the navigation of the clients through your website is fluid, that it is easy and comfortable to access all the sections, that the relationship between these sections is rather intuitive, that the different pages do not take too long to load, etc.

All these characteristics make up the usability of the website, also known as user experience and it is highly recommended to work on them because they notably increase user satisfaction and with it the online reputation of our company. It is also an important differentiating factor from our competition.

To improve usability, you can follow some of these guidelines:

  • Make the web design from the first moment thinking about mobile devices, it is much better than trying to adapt it once the page has been built for normal computers.
  • Analyze your potential customers and their behavior, to adapt the design of your website to them, for example, the proportion between images and text, which should not always be the same.
  • You must ensure that the loading times of the images are very short, especially if you have opted to include many on your website.
incrementar usabilidad y experiencia

Improve the structure of the contents, paying special attention to the catalog of products and services and to the references of your clients.

The internal structure of the content, of the links on your website, has a significant influence on the positioning systems of search engines such as Google, so that its improvement can lead to a true escalation of positions.

For the Google robot, the best thing is the silo structure, in which all the pages that are related to each other are united. But do not be too strict, it is also good to take web visitors into account and generate some extra links based on their possible interests.

In addition to the home page, which is essential, the two sections of special interest should be the most visited by customers: the portfolio of products and services and the references of existing customers.

mejorar estructura de contenidos

Add multimedia elements of great social impact: Images, Sounds, Videos.

Multimedia elements have been shown to add value to web pages by helping to convey messages more clearly and making them more attractive to users. That is why it is important to add some of these elements to our website, for example images, sounds, videos and animations.

These elements can appear in static mode, simply integrated into the context, or they can also be interactive elements, that is, links to another section of our page or even to external pages, thus adding navigation options for the user.

Today we have a multitude of computer applications that allow us to create, add and manage any type of multimedia file, most of them even free or at a fairly low cost. Of course, you have to take great care of the overall design and know how to choose which multimedia elements to include and what content to show, so that our website remains clear and understandable.

añadir elementos multimedia