Analyze who your new clients are (Early Adopters).

Once you have decided to “jump on” the Internet bandwagon, the first steps on your new path provide you with invaluable information on whether or not you are doing well.

That is why it is a good idea to have a section from the beginning for customers to write their comments and, of course, dedicate as much time as necessary.

An example: The first customers you get with your new offer, known as “Early Adopters”, are usually people who have a specific problem and who are looking for products or services that can solve them, often without caring too much about the price. Well, it turns out that most early adopters love to write about products and even write ideas for how they can be improved.

analizar nuevos clientes early adopters

Find out why they buy from you and not from your competition.

You should investigate which are the most successful factors of your new offer: the new products or services, the new ways of presenting them, the new customers they reach, etc.

Today there are powerful analysis tools that are, at the same time, affordable for a small or medium-sized company, which allow us to obtain important conclusions: on the number of visits to our website, on the response rate to our marketing campaigns, on the number of sales associated with those visits or campaigns, etc.

It may also be a good idea to review the web pages of the main companies of your competition, at least during the first weeks of your incorporation to the Internet, in case you perceive some changes associated with your new presence in the market.

factores diferenciales respecto a competencia

Refocus your strategy with the data obtained.

You must use the data obtained to refine your strategy, to enhance all the factors that are obtaining success and to correct and modify those that are not obtaining it.

Important: You should not worry if you do not get it right the first time, you should try to refine your offer and keep trying. In fact, the information we get when something doesn’t go as well as we expected is many times more valuable than the information we get when everything goes smoothly.

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