Check the comments section of your website.

Contact with the customer is essential, of course: listening to their needs first-hand, being able to tell them in person the special characteristics of our products and services, seeing the face they make when they listen to us, that is priceless.

But nowadays most of the interactions with our clients do not happen live, in person, but take place in the form of comments on a web page, or of a conversation with our automatic response systems, or even a “like” in a social network, etc.

That is why it is important to review your website on a daily basis, especially the customer comments section. There you will find what they say, what they think of your products, your services, your company.

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Engage in conversations online.

In many cases, if you answer customer comments, a conversation is established, the «online chat», which today is a good substitute for personal or telephone contact.

Chat is used mainly as a virtual assistant in online stores, where it already replaces phone calls. In fact, many customers prefer it, as it allows them to answer their questions about the products by mobile phone, without having to call or interrupt the tasks they are performing.

Today online chat is more than just a conversation between two parties. Today you can navigate together, share your screen and even see in real time what your interlocutor is seeing. The result is a more interactive, more agile experience, which increases the number of purchases.

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Pay attention to Social Networks.

Social networks are today your main showcase and you should pay special attention to them, since most of the opinions of customers about your products and your company are turned into it today.

Now, listening on social networks is today a task that can be automated, it is not necessary for an employee to be looking continuously, you can set alerts with the name of your company or your products, so that you get a notice if someone mentions them.

It is a very good idea to respond to all positive comments, of course, because the customer will see that our company shows interest in their opinions. If the comments are too much, you can install an automated system that sends a thank you message. In addition, you should save as much information as possible for possible future analysis.

Regarding negative comments, it is necessary to be even more attentive and solve problems before they go viral and damage the image of your company. Once the crisis is over, it is necessary to analyze it and try not to repeat the situation.

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Lean on the 'prescribers' of your products.

Today there are many “communities” (blogs, forums, review pages) where users meet virtually and share information and experiences about companies, products and services. It is in these places where your potential customers will look for information to document themselves and decide whether to buy from you or not.

You should periodically review these communities and locate a special type of user: prescribers, who are customers who recommend any of our products and services or even our company. Also check your own website, as you may find some of them.

Create a space for these users within your website and invite them to form a virtual community to share their experiences and comments. Try to give them all kinds of facilities to do so, and even incentives, such as discounts on their purchases.

On the other hand, you can and should use the content of their contributions to improve as much as possible your offer of products and services and even to improve your brand image, correcting some possible errors of perception by customers.

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