Find out who your best customers are.

Check the history of your customers to see who are the most loyal, the ones who have been buying your products the longest. Also look for the most profitable ones, the ones that have bought the most of your products. It analyzes all the available data to be able to build your profile and use it later.

A special category of customers are known as “Early Adopters”: the first customers to buy a new product or service. You must have a specific record for them and consult it every time you want to launch a new product or service. If you can, you should even facilitate the creation of their own space within your web page, in which they can dump all their comments and concerns, thus you will have extremely useful information.

When you carry out the historical analysis of your clients, you must be careful, because sometimes there are not explicit relationships. For example, you may have a customer who buys very little on a personal basis but is a great customer as a manager of his company. You have to try to find these relationships, and you have to be careful with these things.

decubrir los mejores clientes

Customize your products and services.

In any business the most important thing is the customers, the people who buy our products and services. The key is more to satisfy your needs, to offer solutions to your problems than to make the best of products. That is why it is very important to analyze historical data, to know the needs and preferences of customers and thus be able to personalize our offer.

Customers show us their preferences every time they interact with us, when they buy and when they don’t, and we must go through our information systems to find out things like: What are the needs of our customers? What products can satisfy them? What problems do you want to solve with our services?

The answers allow us to personalize our offers, at least to a certain extent: Knowing our clients’ problems makes it easier for us to offer them the services that can best solve them, thus obtaining added and differential value for our products.

disposicion de la informacion necesaria

Use the information to provide a better service.

Make your employees have access to customer information, especially if they are going to contact one of them. Also when the client is the one who contacts the company. If your agents have the customer’s data when they are in contact with them, their attention will be more personal and, therefore, much better.

The interaction history, like orders and requests, can also provide us with very useful information about the customer’s preferences when it comes to delivering the product, or the presentation they like the most. We can and should use this information to provide a more personalized service, more adapted to each of our clients.

Also it’s important that clientes can access an area where they can consult their contracts and suscriptions and be notified of any aspect that affects these, and also the products and services asociated to them or the different payment methods. This way the confidence they have to your portal will raise.

In case of having an eLearning solution it’s important to provide a way to access their events and tasks (or even ask for them), in addition to visualize their courses and the certificates asociated with them.

analizar datos historicos y conocer preferencias

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