90% of Spaniards declare themselves connected in some way to the network, it represents a real business opportunity.

According to statistics, more than 90% of Spaniards are now connected to the Internet through one device or another, the mobile phone being the one that has experienced the fastest growth in recent years.

This is an unprecedented business opportunity, since it turns out that, thanks to the Internet, today we can have as a client any Spaniard located anywhere in Spain, no matter how remote. The size of our market has multiplied.

Not only that, the market has also become globalized, we can easily reach any person located outside of Spain, Europe, for example, or South America, it is now within our reach.

Finally, distribution networks reach everywhere today and we can send our products worldwide and do so in a more than reasonable time, as well as making our digital services reach anyone.

internet oportunidad de negocio

Only two out of every ten Spanish SME´s sell their products and services over the internet.

This great business opportunity that the Internet represents is not being taken advantage of by SMEs, in some cases, it is the lack of confidence in their own abilities that makes SMEs stay in their immediate environment. Other times they are held back by the fear of the risk that an expansion outside of the known terrain may pose.

But in many other cases, the issue is simply the lack of knowledge of the possibilities offered by the Internet and new technologies, possibilities that are available to all small and medium-sized companies.

A great example of it is the ease for the management of new users, the categorization of the calogue of produts and services, the aplication of discounts and promotions and many other funcionalities.
internet oportunidad de negocio pymes

Your organization must be at all levels, where customers already are.

Your organization must appear on the Internet; it must be known. Your products and services should be available to anyone who may be interested in them. Also it needs to have a good SEO positioning in a way that it reaches the most people posible.

The basic level of Internet access consists of having a web page or a portal, where information about the company and its products and services are displayed.

But the possibilities are many more: Thanks to the Internet you can set up your business online, available even on mobile phones. You can also multiply your marketing possibilities, participating in the most relevant Social Networks and Virtual Forums in your business sector.

estar donde esten tus clientes

Begin by conducting a Diagnosis and Review of your current situation.

The first step is to get to know your company better: The current situation, the capacities that are available and, above all, the possibilities of expansion that these capacities represent.

Based on the information obtained and taking into account the Business Plan, the route can be traced and the necessary steps to be defined to locate the company on the Internet, to publicize the portfolio of products and services and making campaings carry out campaigns with which to increase the number of users of the portal.

revision y diagnostico situacion actual

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