Get your customers to always see the same company.

It is important to ensure that your customers do not “get lost” when they enter your website, that they perceive the same company as if they approach a store or if they call by phone.

For this it is necessary that your eCommerce module is perfectly integrated with the rest of your computer systems, that it works in coordination with the rest of the company.

For example, the inventory of your online store and your physical store must be synchronized, it cannot be that the availability of your products is different depending on the channel through which the customer accesses.

sincronizar inventario tienda on line

Make your view of customers unique too.

Another important aspect is to connect the information of your clients online and offline, which is not easy, since clients do not always identify themselves properly.

If you manage to have your customer information centralized, every time one of them accesses your company through whatever channel it is, you will be able to access the history of contacts and sales and, therefore, give them personalized and satisfactory attention.

This aspect is especially relevant if the customer’s contact occurs due to a complaint or claim. In this case, being able to have the history of all customer interactions with us, including details of the products purchased, allows us to dedicate the most appropriate effort in each case. A good option for it it’s the management of tickets or requests through an unique area.

vision unica del cliente 360 grados

Manage your physical store and your online store in an integrated way

When we add an online store to our business we are incorporating another space that the customer can use as they see fit and not necessarily as we had planned.

Some customers may prefer the new channel and make all their purchases online. But it may also be that others prefer to use the website as a source of information and then go to the physical store and buy “spot on.” It may even happen that both types of customers want to leave their comments on the network.

That is why we must integrate information systems and manage all spaces jointly, being flexible and allowing clients to use them freely, each one as it suits them best. This way we will make them more comfortable and, of course, buy more.

In both cases it’s convenient to make a good managament of the leads generated, being able to automate the system so the associations are made the way we want and reflect each stage so we can place our efforts in other areas.

cliente se informa y opina

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