It implements a computer system that supports commercial management.

You must incorporate a computer solution that helps you better manage sales opportunities. If you already have one, then analyze how you can improve and complete it, especially in the area of the information necessary to follow up on ongoing opportunities.

Said application must provide salespeople with access to all information about customers, so that they can conveniently prepare commercial actions.

You must also provide all the data about the products, their characteristics, their availability, delivery times, etc. In this way, sellers will be able to respond immediately to all possible customer questions.

You can take advantage of the incorporation of a commercial application (or its improvement) to implement procedures based on the best practices in the sector, seeking operational excellence. Also to automate bureaucratic tasks as much as possible, so that salespeople can spend more time selling.

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It connects commercial information with the rest of the company's systems.

Unifying all the data referring to an ongoing opportunity greatly facilitates the execution of all the tasks of the sales cycle, while reducing possible errors, often associated with a lack of knowledge of a specific detail.

That is why the commercial management information systems and those of the rest of the company must be integrated. For example, if the salesperson has visibility over the stock, he can tell the customer if the product is available or not and do it on the spot.

Operations must also be integrated, so that, for example, the sales cycle tasks automatically generate notices in the agenda of the salesperson assigned to the opportunity.

Also it should incoporate the option to integrate physical stores that you may have, allowing the stock managament, the opening and closing of cashiers, etc…

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Bet on “cloud” applications, today they are the best option.

The best solution to have all the information in an integrated and coherent way, accessible from any location, is to implement an application for business management in the cloud.

In this way the members of the commercial team can easily share the information necessary for the management of an opportunity. If, for example, one of them happens to be unable to carry out a certain task, then you can send a link to a colleague to be carried out instead.

It is equally easy to keep the Management informed, since they also have access to information on opportunities. Of course, the application can be configured so that the Directorate sees the data in the most appropriate way: aggregated, by product, by geographic sector, etc.

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