Make available to your clients the multiple channels that technology offers today: web chat, email, messaging and, above all, Social Networks.

Include a section on your website for your customers to add comments, because the first thing a potential buyer wants to know today is what those who have already bought say, what their experience has been, their degree of satisfaction, whether or not they recommend the purchase. , etc. Answer some of the comments, create conversations (chats), so you will have a greater impact.

You can also offer communications with your company by email or messaging. The important thing here is to answer all or almost all communications and, above all, do so within a reasonable period. So you must analyze well if you can make this effort and if it is worth it.

Pay special attention to Social Networks: You must incorporate them into your ecosystem, but you must do it with a certain strategy and minimal planning. You must study them and decide which of them to start with. Then you have to connect your website with the chosen social network, inserting some specific publications and facilitating your potential clients to register on your page through a network user that they already have.

multiples canales contacto clientes

Find the most suitable functionality for each of these channels.

The main novelty that the new communication channels with the customer incorporate is that they allow conversation, that is, communication in both directions. This significantly increases the power of such communication, whether it is positive or negative, so we must manage it with special attention.

To do so, we must take into account the characteristics of each of the channels, their own particularities: we can use some of them to encourage customer participation, others to speed up problem solving and increase loyalty, and even some to promote our brand.

Now, we must develop and implement a common strategy for all channels, we must try to have them all under control and ensure that our responses are consistent, that the customer always perceives the same company.

ofrece funcionalidad adecuada cross selling

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