Qualifying your leads is very important

Each time a lead appears, the less time it takes to calibrate it, to know if it is a real opportunity or not, the more time you will have to focus on the sale (or the less time you will waste trying, if the answer is negative).

Most companies incorporate a “landing page” into their portal, which is the page that visitors come to from an advertising campaign or from an advertisement. This page requires a great effort in its preparation to retain and interest these visitors, transforming them from mere curious people into potential buyers.

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Questionnaires are one of the best options to qualify leads

To obtain valuable information about a lead and thus be able to properly qualify it, the best option is to prepare questionnaires and add them to your website.

It is important to properly select the questions in the questionnaires. You have to include generic and standard questions, which everyone uses, but you also have to try to customize them, at least in the details, so that they are really useful.

The most used questionnaires for qualifying leads are the BANT, whose name comes from the English words Budget, Authority, Need and Time, which indicate the key questions that we must formulate in them.

detectar necesidad cualificar

The questions that the forms should include are the following:

Is there a Need? Does the company really need to purchase our product or service? What happens if you don’t?

Is there a budget? Does the company have the necessary amount for the acquisition? Is there an alternative use for that money that is more important or more urgent?

Is our interlocutor the person who can buy? Are we talking to the right person within the company? Do you really have the authority to buy? Don’t you need the approval of someone of higher rank?

Is now the right moment? Are all the circumstances present for the purchase to take place? Why hasn’t it been done before? Why can’t you buy it tomorrow, or next year?

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