Incorporate the management of the electronic signature.

The advanced electronic signature has many advantages:

It is comfortable for the user. It provides agility for the company, as it simplifies processes and reduces management time. In addition, it dramatically reduces the costs associated with printing documents and ultimately increases employee productivity.

An advanced electronic signature system saves a good part of the time it takes to send documents to be signed, or to sign and forward them signed, in addition to the time and space saved in storing paper documentation. This time can be used to perform other types of tasks of more value.

The electronic signature is used to sign any type of document, eliminating the risks associated with the traditional signature: the signature of a document is associated with electronic and biometric data that guarantee the identity of the signer, the integrity of the document and the impossibility of repudiating the firm. All information remains encrypted, but can be easily decrypted if necessary, for example if the company needs to prove the identity of the signer in court.

In summary, today a document can be legally signed anywhere, at any time and through any device, in a very simple way, thus making things really easy (and safe) for clients and companies.

incorporar firma electronica proceso comercial

You must incorporate the electronic signature in your processes.

Both the online channel and the commercial mobility solution can easily incorporate the electronic signature. Today there are technological solutions on the market that allow you to sign, verify and seal documents electronically, in a totally secure way. In addition, since 2014 the legislation has been committed to the usability of the electronic signature and not only to security, as it did until that date.

In this way, the time and effort required to sign contracts can be significantly reduced. Of course, we can and should review them later, verifying that all the details are correct. We can also have scanning solutions to incorporate the client’s autograph signature in the corresponding document, thus increasing reliability.

Likewise, times and costs are reduced when we can close orders “on line”, without the need for paperwork, either on the website, in the eCommerce channel or in the commercial mobile application. In any of these cases, the confirmation can be made later by phone, to avoid errors.

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