Your sales representatives must have a mobility application

Sales representatives must spend most of their time visiting clients, so it is essential that they be provided with a mobility application, so that they can carry out their tasks on the street.

The functionality of this application must be as complete as possible and cover all the necessary tasks in the sales cycle, from marketing campaigns to the generation of invoices, through prices, offers, orders, etc.

referencias del cliente historico de oportunidades 360 grados

Sales representatives must have access to all information about the products

The mobility application must have the complete catalog of products and services, including all the characteristics and the mode of operation. In this way, all possible customer doubts can be resolved at the most important moment, that of the purchase.

You must also provide the information regarding the availability and delivery times of the products, which are the most important parameters for many of the potential buyers.

In short, it is about the salespeople being able to resolve any questions that the customer raises at the time of purchase, thus increasing the success rate.

facilitar informacion a comerciales productos

The application must provide all information about customers.

It is also very useful that the sales representatives can consult all the information about the clients and about the aspects related to the opportunity. In principle, the salesperson must review it before the customer visit, but can even do it during the visit, if necessary.

This information must include the interests of the client, their preferences, the history of opportunities, the products previously acquired, etc.

In the case of large clients, it is also interesting to have information on the structure of the potential buyer: which department has the need, who can be our ally, who is against the acquisition, who must authorize the purchase, etc./p>

facilitar informacion a comerciales clientes

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