Implement alerts that warn at critical moments.

Detect possible problems as soon as possible.

You must be prepared to detect any unusual operation and do it as quickly as possible, as this significantly increases the chances of rectifying possible problems.

To do this, you must enter, together with the key indicators, the maximum and minimum values they can take, the so-called threshold values. In this way, if the indicator exceeds one of these critical values, above or below, the system generates an alert that warns us.

The notice will be sent to the recipient we have chosen: the sales manager, the sales team that manages the opportunity, his secretary, etc. The shipping method will be a notice from the business app, but it can also be converted to a text message or email.

generar una alertas en la gestion de oportunidades

Take the appropriate measures.

There are tasks of the sales cycle that cannot be delayed, so if the salesperson cannot attend them and the stipulated time is exceeded, an alert must be generated and sent to the person in charge assigned.

The alert must include a link to the task that generated it, so that the receiver can review what is happening and, depending on the development of the sales opportunity, take the appropriate measures, such as forwarding the task to a different commercial for you to complete as soon as possible.

Sometimes what happens is that the system detects an inconsistency in the information. In this case, an alert must also be generated so that the corresponding person in charge can review and resolve the problem before it is transferred to the client and the opportunity is lost.