Use your historical data to personalize your products and services as much as possible.

Remember that the people who buy from you are more important in your business than the products and services you manufacture. The key is more to satisfy the specific needs of a certain customer profile than to manufacture the best of the products. In the case of services, things are even clearer.

For this you can and should use the information you already have about your customers. Customers tell us about their preferences every time they interact with us, whether they buy or not, and we must listen to them, we must dive into our historical data and try to answer questions such as: What needs do our customers have? Are they functional or emotional? Or a mixture of the two?

The answers show us what should be the orientation of our products and services. If we know what problems our clients have, we can guide our services to give them the most appropriate solutions. If we stay with a product focus, it is more difficult to offer differential value and it is easier to end up in a price war.

utilizar datos historicos para personalizar tus productos

Make customer service a priority

Customer service is today an added value to products and one of the most appreciated by customers, that is why you must take care of it so much. It is important to note that customer focus is both an attitude, a disposition, and an aptitude, a capacity that we must develop and practice continuously.

We must try to know the customer’s expectations regarding the service they want to receive, as they are as important as those they have on the products. For this we can also use the historical record of the interactions you have had with our company, both positive and negative.

In any case, quantifying the perception of customers about the level of service received is an even more complex task than knowing their perception of our products. Some clues to achieve this can be the following:

  • Listen to your customers: offer communication channels and check their comments.
  • Set and meet satisfactory response times for incidents.
  • Take care of automatic response systems, above all, reduce waiting times.
fija y cumple tiempos de respuesta

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