Analyze the information obtained in the qualification process.

Get information about what your potential customers think of your products and services. Try to clearly establish the reasons why those who buy buy and the reasons that those who do not seem to have.

You should also try to find out what customers think about your promotion processes, your advertising campaigns. Are they receiving your ads with interest? Do they find useful information in your campaigns?

You can even better know your positioning, the perception that customers have about your brand: What opinion do customers have about your company? Does it coincide with the positioning that you make of your company?

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Use it to refine your portfolio of products and services.

You can and should use the opinions of your customers about your products and services to try to adapt their characteristics to the demands that customers make of you. Sometimes it is only small details, easy to modify, which make the client not inclined towards our offers.

You can also collect important information on other aspects of the portfolio, such as the presentation of the products, the configuration of the offers, availability, delivery times, etc.

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Also use it to better prepare your next marketing campaigns.

In the same way that customers give clues about the products and services they prefer, they also indicate on many occasions in which way they like to be made known, that is, how your promotional campaigns, your ads should be.

For example, in recent times everyone shies away from invasive ads and prefers to present offers in a biased, not direct way.

In summary, the qualification of the leads is a more than important tool to be able to sharpen the aim in our future advertising campaigns.

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