Make lists with your target customers.

Choose what type of clients you want to direct your Communication Plan to and generate a profile with their main characteristics: Age, Profession, Purchasing power, Geographical location, etc.

Perform the necessary segmentations, so that you can group potential customers by the factors related to their buying habits. This will allow you to develop a much more personalized message, that is, with a greater probability of success

Finally, you must get the data of your target customers, to be able to include them in your campaign. For this you have several options:

  • Use your current customers as contacts, who can do a good outreach service if they are satisfied with your products.
  • Try to get the data of the people who visit your website, inviting them to fill out a form.
  • Use Social Networks, for example with advertisements that invite subscription.
  • You can also use physical means, for example a store, if you have one, or try to get the business cards of your potential customers at an event you attend.
confeccionar listas clientes

Prepare the appropriate content for the promotion of your products and services.

The contents should highlight the characteristics of your products and services that can best satisfy your target customers.

The language used in the messages must also take into account who it is addressed to, as well as the form, for example, the high or low presence of multimedia elements: images, videos, etc.

Debes tener en cuenta que los usuarios prefieren hoy que les cuenten historias, si es posible reales, que también prefieren los temas útiles y que hay un gran rechazo de los anuncios invasivos.

In short, it is about personalizing the messages as much as possible and to achieve this, the information previously obtained about the profiles must be used.

promocion productos y servicios

Spread the content generated: Carry out the necessary marketing campaigns so that new customers get to know your products and services

There are very different types of marketing campaigns and each situation has its own characteristics. However, some of the following clues may be helpful:

You can make your messages known on generalist platforms, for example on Social Networks or in Newspapers or you can search for more particular environments, such as Forums and Specialized Magazines for your business sector.

You should bear in mind that users today prefer to be told stories, if possible real ones, that they also prefer useful topics and that there is a great rejection of invasive ads.

For the long term, a good idea is to generate a Newsletter in which to regularly publish the content you want to spread. It is important to take care of the publication, respecting the periodicity and the level of quality, but the results are usually very good.

realizar campañas de marketing

Track your campaigns, generating and analyzing statistics that allow you to optimize them in the future.

Monitoring your campaigns is very important, in the first place to know how effective they are, what the results are. The most common measurement parameter is the return on investment, ROI.

But it is equally or more important to use the information obtained to optimize future campaigns. For example, if our campaign has been carried out in different media, comparing the results obtained allows us to know in which of these media we should invest more efforts in successive campaigns.

But in addition to being necessary, it turns out that today it is quite easy, thanks to the latest data analysis technologies. If we have the appropriate tools, such as Google Analytics, we can know exactly how many potential customers have come into contact with the campaign, and we can even know through which particular channel they have connected with us, that is, which is the most profitable.

generar y analizar campañas marketing

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