Automates the registration of sales force information.

If there’s one thing that salespeople really hate, it’s sitting down and filling out the forms that business management requires of them. In addition, they are usually people who are jealous of their knowledge, who prefer not to share information about “their” clients, the one that has cost them so much time and work to obtain.

That is why it is so important to automate the capture of all possible information:

  • On the one hand, information about customers: contact information, needs, preferences, history of products purchased, etc.
  • On the other hand, everything related to ongoing operations: what phase are they in, what tasks need to be carried out soon, what critical aspects the opportunity presents, etc.

Finally, the information must be sent to the central systems automatically, so that they can be stored in the data history, which we will later analyze and also so that the most appropriate measures can be taken at the right time, depending on the development of the sales opportunity.

automatizar registro informacion comercial reporting

Periodically generate all the necessary reports.

Most IT solutions for sales management already incorporate significant functionality for reporting. It is only necessary to adapt the reports that come by default in the tool to the particular needs of your company, which is usually not too expensive.

The reports generated can be sent to sales managers automatically and by email, so that they can “have breakfast” with the last minute information and take action, if necessary.

Another option is to collect and export the information regarding current opportunities to any reporting management system, if one already exists in the company. If none exists, Microsoft’s Excel tool is a good option.

automatizar registro informacion comercial reporting

It makes it easy to create custom reports at any time.

In addition to generating the most common reports on the dates and times determined by management, it is also a good idea to incorporate the ability to generate a timely report at any time, depending on the need we have.

For this, it is only necessary to add specific filters to the computer system, which allow us to select criteria to be able to consult the information we need at any given time and, furthermore, to do so with the push of a button.

This type of report is especially recommended for company management, which often needs to immediately know the status of current opportunities.

automatizar registro informacion comercial reporting

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