Discover how your customers look for you, how they find you, why they buy to you

Respond diligently to all requests for information.

You have to be able to respond to all requests for information that you receive, as they come from your potential clients. Also, you should do it in a reasonable time.

For this you can have an automatic system that redirects the most important requests, for example, those referring to a new product or service that you have just launched on the market.

atender solicitudes informacion

Study your market: your customers, your competition and your current positioning.

You must study and know well the sector in which your business is located. First of all are your customers: who are they, what are their main characteristics: their needs, their priorities, their purchasing power.

You must also analyze and know your competition: What are the main companies with which your brand competes? What products and services do yours compete with? Are they in the same price ranges?

Finally, you should try to know how your company is perceived by the general public, what is thought of your products and services: Do you have a reputation for offering quality? Do people think your products are cheap or expensive? Do your services satisfy your customers?

estudiar mercado competencia posicionamiento

Analyze your strengths: what your clients find in your portfolio.

You must research and find out what your customers value the most about your products and services.

Some of the basic questions are: Is it the degree of satisfaction they get? Is it value for money? Is it the customer support that goes with them?

But it can also be interesting to ask yourself: Is your design innovative? Is it the technology that they have incorporated? Or the environmental friendliness of the production process?

analizar fortalezas clientes