Define your communication plan

Set your communication priorities for the near future.

You must evaluate if you want to reach new clients or strengthen your position with your current clients.

In the same way, you must decide whether to use your efforts to promote new products or try to make your best-known products go even further.

For this you can and should use the information obtained by analyzing your market, your customers and the strengths of your products and services.

fijar prioridades de comunicacion

Build a website for your business, it will be your business card.

The website is today a fundamental element of communication, it is our face, the appearance of our company, the first thing many of our clients see about us.

In it we give all the necessary information about who we are, about our company, our products, our clients, our way of working.

We can also give information about what our concerns are, our goals, our plans.

Finally, the type of page we choose, more static or more dynamic, with more or less images, with more or less text, in short, all the more formal aspects also provide a lot of information about us and our company.

web tarjeta presentacion

Define the most important marketing actions to start with.

You can start with a Google Ads campaign, which is usually focused on a very specific objective and has a fairly high efficiency, since it gets many potential customers to know you in a rather short time. The only downside is that the price is also high.

In any case, it is necessary to undertake other actions, such as an email marketing campaign or promotion on Social Networks. We can also go to more traditional marketing, such as participation in events in our sector.

One of the best options to achieve good results in the medium and long term, it is best to work on the contents of your website, making them attractive for your potential clients and, above all, for Internet search engines. These are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) positioning.

definir acciones de marketing