Build a central data repository.

In order to properly exploit the information on the progress status of the different opportunities, the first thing to do is create a repository, a central warehouse that collects all the data that we will analyze later.

This repository must be fed automatically from the commercial management systems. For this, it is not only necessary to communicate the computer applications, it is also necessary to carry out a preliminary definition task that specifies what information should be sent, in what format, with what frequency, etc.

The information from the repository is what feeds the Scorecard, with the appropriate filters to obtain the key indicators, the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators in English).

It is also the source for obtaining all the reports required by the commercial department, both periodic and specific, which are executed at the request of a user.

in addition to its commercial functionality, this dashboard it’s used in training and education solutions for managing communications and analyzing the different areas.

facilitar vision global de oportunidades funnel de ventas

Define and implement a Scorecard.

The main functionality of the dashboard is to facilitate the global vision of all opportunities, which is commonly known as the “Sales Funnel”. The main recipients of the scorecard are the middle managers, as well as the company management.

It is about that these users have the highest possible visibility on the state of the business. Also that they have it in a minimum time, in many cases it is even possible to obtain it at the moment (on-line).

In addition to “seeing” the progress status of sales, the dashboard also usually incorporates tools that make it possible to measure and contrast the results in progress with the forecasts and objectives set at the beginning of the commercial period, clearly showing the deviations (in case that there are).

The scorecard most used by companies is the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) or Balanced Scorecard (BSC), which organizes the indicators into 4 perspectives:

  • Customer perspective – How do customers see us?
  • The business inside – What should we excel at?
  • That of innovation and learning – Can we continue to improve and create value?
  • The financial perspective – How do we see ourselves in the eyes of shareholders?

Educative organizations also implement scoreboards that:

  • Offer detailed reports wich allow the tracking the progress of the student in different areas.
  • Allow the communication between teachers and students and vice versa.
  • Notify teachers and students of new interactiones.
  • Facilitate analysis of courses, lessons and their students.
generar y analizar campañas marketing

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