Bet on quality in your products and services

Enter metrics to evaluate the quality of your products and services.

It is often thought that producing with high quality is more expensive, but it is not true. By introducing quality, we will increase the efficiency of our processes, reduce costs, and our products and services will end up being cheaper in the long run.

That is why we must bet on quality and the first thing we must do is measure it, introduce the necessary metrics to be able to evaluate the quality level of our products and services, from their design to their final delivery to the customer.

In addition, producing with quality will open the doors to a much larger market, the European Union, in which everyone already works like this. We will enter into a dynamic of continuous improvement, very beneficial, that will make even our employees happier and motivated.

introducir metricas para evaluar la calidad

Analyze the best practices in your sector. Apply them to your processes.

Nowadays, quality standards can be perfectly incorporated in small and medium-sized companies, that is, these can be equated in efficiency and placed at the level of the largest, competing with equal possibilities.

That is why you should study the companies in your sector whose products are reputed to be of very good quality. You should start with the leaders, of course, but not reduce yourself to them, because right now there are many small and medium-sized companies that already work with a high level of excellence.

Attention: it is about acquiring knowledge to apply it to your own production processes and improving the quality of your products, not about spying on the competition and copying their way of working.

It may also be interesting to investigate within our company, in case there is a department other than ours that already works with a high level of quality. In this case we can, in addition to learning, work together with those responsible.

analizar las practicas de tu sector

Also improve the image of your products and services.

It is clear that increasing quality results incurs in a better perception of our products by customers. But it is also true that this improvement occurs in the medium and, above all, in the long term.

That is why it is important to also work on directly improving the image of our products and services, especially if we make the decision to change the manufacturing procedures and bet on quality. We need to communicate our new approach to the market.

There are several ways to increase the short-term positioning of our portfolio in the market and each company must develop the marketing plan that suits them best, depending on their starting point and the strategy that has been set.

aplicar mejores practicas a procesos postventa