Automatically generates all reports, both periodic and punctual ones.

Exploit the data repository.

The central repository of information is the source that allows us to obtain the reports that the commercial department needs. It is fed by the commercial management computer system, mainly through automatic processes. However, the contribution of salespeople is essential, so you have to try two things: facilitate the task of making the appropriate contributions and educate them to do so.

On the other hand, it is very important to have this data “warehouse” well organized, otherwise the quality of the reports obtained will be quite deficient. To facilitate maintenance, we now have computer tools that detect and correct data inconsistencies, either automatically or by sending a notification to the person in charge assigned to this task.

From the repository and through the appropriate filters, we can generate all the reports, the periodic ones, which are generated automatically, and the specific ones, which can be requested at any time.

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Automatically generate periodic reports.

Many of the IT applications for business management already have a significant range of reporting functionality. In this way, it is only necessary to adapt the reports that the tool brings by default to the particular needs of the company, which is usually not too expensive.

The reports are generated on the established dates and times and then sent to the sales managers, automatically and by email. In this way, those responsible can start their day with updated information and take, where appropriate, the necessary and timely measures.

It is also possible to capture and export the information of the opportunities in progress to another reporting system, if the company already has one. In case there is no other report manager, Microsoft’s Excel tool can be used.

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Get timely reports whenever you need it.

One of the functionalities most demanded by management is the facility to generate a specific report at any given time, depending on the need that exists at that time: Number of ongoing opportunities in the department, total expected business volume of said opportunities, particular vision of a section of the commercial area, etc.

For this, it is relatively easy to add specific filters to the computer system, which allow us to select the most appropriate criteria and indicators to be able to consult the information in a timely manner and, furthermore, to do so with the push of a button.

Normally it is the management of the company that often needs to know immediately the situation of the current opportunities. For this reason, these reports are usually generated in a small number, focused on these specific users and collecting their particular needs.

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