Publish a comprehensive catalog that is truly practical for users, making searches and comparisons easy.

The catalog of your products and services is a fundamental element when you bet on selling on the internet.

It must be really practical for users: it must facilitate searches, clearly show all the characteristics, include user manuals, etc.

It is a good idea to include a price and offers simulator, which allows potential members to have a cost estimate for one or more options. This is a growing demand today.

If possible, you should even facilitate the comparison of features and prices with the products and services of the competition.

publicar catalogo facilitar busquedas y comparativas

Include your members' comments, especially positive ones.

Today buyers look first to what those who have already bought say, what their experience has been, their degree of satisfaction, whether or not they recommend the purchase, etc.

That is why it is very important that your online channel has a section where your members can tell about their experience, especially if you have confidence in your company and your products and services.

This section should be reviewed more often than usual. You have to confirm that the comments are positive and look for the negative ones, trying to find out and solve as soon as possible what the problem has been. In addition, you have to take the appropriate measures so that it does not occur again, thus improving your quality levels.

incluir comentarios reseñas clientes

It facilitates the registration of members, the creation of profiles, accounts and groups.

Registration in your sales channel should be very simple, very fast. One of the best options is to allow a user to register with the username and password of their favorite social network. That is the most common in most online stores. Obviously this process will include all the security meausers to make sure that the process of registration and login are safe for the user.

Once registered, you must give users the opportunity to generate a profile and an account, with all the details that they want to incorporate. The objective is to get to know them better and, thanks to this, to be able to refine more with short-term proposals and offers and even with the definition of the long-term portfolio.

It may even make sense to provide their own space for some of the members, where the degree of interaction is greater. Even better would be if this collaboration was carried out by groups of users, both among themselves and with other users.

Also it should include a personal area where users can update their personal and private data.

facilitar registro clientes perfiles cuentas grupos profiling

Manage the complete sales cycle: Prices, orders, offers and discounts, payments and invoices.

Your eCommerce solution must manage all aspects of the sale, starting with prices and the various offers and discounts. If your products and services are complex, you should provide at least enough information so that potential customers can get an idea of the costs and request additional information, if they wish.

It must also allow customers to place orders and the system to collect them automatically, sending them to the appropriate department for a course.

One of the most important elements is online payments, which can be made from the website itself, linking with a payment gateway and managing the high level of security that is necessary. Invoices will also be managed: their generation and delivery, in the most automatic way possible.

The best option for it usually is the implementation of a CRM solution that allows to store the information and work with it easily, integrated with the rest of our system and includes the option to automate processes via BPM’s (Business Process Modeler).

All of the above tasks must be accessible from a mobile device, which is the preferred option for customers right now. This step is not easy and experienced support in this field could be useful.

gestionar ciclo completo venta

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