Analyze the web pages of your competition.

The first thing you should do is look at the web pages of your main competitors to know how they present their products and services, their prices, their offers, their marketing campaigns, in short, how they position themselves.

In addition, you must navigate through these pages, measuring their usability, their user experience. Are they attractive? They attract attention? Is it easy to find the information when you look for it?

It is also important to investigate the links that these pages include: what domains are they, what types of links are they: they can be links from directories, forums, blogs, they can be paid links, they can be links created by users who have found them interesting contents, etc. In particular, it analyzes the use that these pages make of Social Networks. What networks are they about? What is the use they make of them?

Lastly, reading customer reviews will give you a good idea of what their strengths are and which ones are weakest.

analizar paginas web competencia

Make a personalized design of yours, adapting it to your corporate image.

The image of our website must convey the image of our company. We must use an aesthetic related to that of our company, with that of our products and services. We must include the same elements: name, logo, slogan (if we have it), colors, fonts, etc. In short, our “on-line” image must be consistent with our “off-line” image.

But it must also attract, attract the attention of surfers, make them stay on our page and spend time getting to know our products and services. For that it is necessary to give it an innovative touch. Based on our corporate image, yes, but innovative, slightly different, updated to the times and wich allows to navigate easily discovering all our catalogue.

digital hacer diseño personalizado

Add a corporate content blog.

A corporate blog can be a good complement to your website, it can increase incoming traffic, generate trust in your potential clients, convert them into clients and even improve the positioning of your brand in search engines.

Obviously, the key is in the content you publish on your blog. Here are some ideas that may help you:

  • Post useful content, they can be mostly related to your products and services, but they should be useful in general.
  • Include links to the most relevant pages in your business sector.
  • It includes differentiating elements with respect to the competition.
  • Do not abuse advertising.

Also could be interesting to add a FAQ’s area along with the publication of user guides that allow them to get ahead of the incidents they may face.

añadir blog corporativo

Enter an area for your prescriber's reviews.

It is proven that more than 80% of customers who buy online search, read and trust comments as if they were a personal recommendation. That is why it is a good idea to create an appropriate space for your prescribers to leave those comments.

But it is also very important to read and respond to those comments, to create conversations with customers. This generates more satisfaction in those who are already customers and, above all, more confidence in those who can be.

Finally, this space for reviews can positively influence the positioning of your website: the more time users spend in it, the more points Google will give you and the better results you will get in related searches.

digital introducir area para reseñas

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