Networking from scratch is doing what has been done all along, but taking advantage of the current tools that technology has put within our reach.

If at some point you get confused, and you want to use these tools to avoid being interesting, friendly and add value to your contacts, you will be lost.

To give an example, imagine that on Facebook you want to reach x ​​number of followers, to share your business idea, we dare to predict that exporting a list of contacts from Google or any other site, and making massive invitations. We dare to predict that the result will not be optimal.

Get close to your friends, convince them, ask them, apologize and after all this, maybe then will be in touch with them.

In short, it is not about looking for shortcuts but rather networking from below.
When all that has happened, ask them again to be ” your ambassadors “, to transmit your message to other people of interest, who believe in your relationship.
We often get confused and give an exaggerated value to the medium, when it is the content that can convince someone. Only the content creates loyalty.

From Essenzial we want to renew once again our commitment to fresh and quality content. Our initial commitment is clear. Now we just need to reach it day by day.

Within the ESSENZIAL online communication plan, social networks occupy a prominent place, representing our favourite channels of active interaction with our community.

With this we would like our space to have a lively exchange of opinions, inviting, listening, participating, consulting, and always seeking to enrich any position.
We consider the role of our Community Manager essential, as a dynamic element to develop all of this.

We will work hard for your proposals and recommendations.

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