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You will wonder why I want to tell you now about my time with Accenture. Some years have passed since the birth of ESSENZIAL and one thing would not have happened without the other.

Arriving at the Firm in my mid forties meant returning to “charging all the batteries”, and being able to hope again and feeling prouder than ever of my profession.

You could also ask, how I have come to assess its influence and impact, after my short 2-year stay at Accenture, after almost 13 years working at Oracle Consulting prior to that.

The first thing I noticed was that the work philosophy was similar to the one I’d experienced during my long tenure at Oracle. The reason for this was quite obvious, since most of the management team of Oracle Consulting where I developed professionally, came from there, even if it was then called Arthur Andersen & Co – Andersen Consulting.

The big difference? THE SIZE. Even though I am proud of my time at Oracle and how I learned to ” love Consulting “, the budget, headcount and other variables of the Practice were very different from Accenture’s. The volume of business and opportunities make a substantial difference.

If I were 22 years old again, I know that I would try to work for a company like Accenture. I like the values ​​that they defend, I share them, and now that I am in another phase of my life, creating my own business, I try to cultivate those personal habits and professional habits, promoting everything I can with “Cultura Accenture”: dedication, sacrifice, commitment, honesty, meritocracy, talent, dedication to service, excellence, one-team & lead by example …

In Accenture there is a fierce and rabid competition, which demands the best of you every day. This, far from representing a problem, is the best catalyst for the natural purification process to take place, which allows for only the best of each industry to exist there. Can anyone disagree with this? This is how nature works, this is how Accenture works .

Obviously, an organization with thousands of employees in any country, represents the best option for those global companies that must operate in any territory and are subject to the highest demands of clients, partners, administration and regulators, etc.

They have the capabilities to help boost any business, and to solve all the problems that large projects always confront. They have the ability, even in moments of maximum difficulty, to strengthen relations with their most strategic clients, over many years. In Accenture, problems become opportunities every day and Consultancy becomes an “art”.

Let me exaggerate, to make it even more explicit: if the SME had the budget that large corporations handle, they would also hire Accenture services.

As I mentined at the beginning, since I stopped being an Accenture employee two years ago, in order to launch my personal project “ESSENZIAL” , and to capitalize on what I have done and learned for twenty years (although now it is in a different segment and looking for new niches), I think I only have words of thanks for everything I learned there in such a short time.

I should not complain about not having lived that stage at 22 years old, rather that 42, because Oracle Consulting offered me more opportunities than I could ever take full advantage of.

But without a doubt, Accenture managed to bring out in me “the motivation of a young person“, and I want to continue fighting for the next 20 years, enjoying the experience of making my ESSENZIAL dream come true.

Whoever goes through this, has the great challenge of improving itself daily, and contributing more value to society.

In 4 words: “I like Accenture Culture“.

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