At a time when everyone is talking about digitally transforming their business, it is more important than ever to know where to start.


When starting their “digital journey”, many companies simply try to “migrate” their current business model to the Internet. And this approach is not the most appropriate, because the network offers a host of new possibilities unthinkable until now for the business. And they must be investigated before diving into technological “battles”.


At Essenzial we can help you by analyzing your business model beforehand , to ensure that before starting your digital journey your business is clear about how to exploit its advantages. Through this service, the Essenzial team will analyze your organization, it’s objectives and current business model, and will challenge you to rethink some of the hypotheses which you share. Essenzial has in-depth knowledge of the new business possibilities that digital technology offers, and it is also part of our DNA to continuously analyze the best digital practices of leading companies in your sector, anywhere in the world.


Through this service, we will share our knowledge to help you reorient your business to the internet, taking advantage of the experience of the world leaders in your sector who were pioneers on this trip. This service, which combines our technological and business knowledge, will provide answers to questions like these:

  • How to make your products and services seen and acquired from anywhere in the world, regardless of the client’s language?
  • Or recommend specific products to visitors to your portal, according to their browsing profile?
  • Why not launch new products, exclusive to the internet channel?
  • How about marketing subscriptions for your services, customer loyalty through recurring monthly fees, with hardly any incremental costs?
  • Why not charge or finance your customers online? Fraud free …
  • How to save costs by capturing your distributors and sales agent’s orders, in real time? Or allowing clients to request, by themselves, offers and personalized quotes through auto-configurator?
  • Why not establish alliances with other complementary companies and share online sales platforms?
  • And do mutual cross selling mutually, even selling other products?
  • What if you could offer special prices only applicable (and visible) to certain customers previously segmented?
  • How about using the internet to reach new customers, at a costs previously unthinkable, launching online marketing campaigns or doing online advertising?
  • How to implement an online customer service module (FAQs, cases, incidents, suggestions) to make the process cheaper?
  • Why not allow your customers online access to invoices, orders or contracts through an exclusive portal for them? Paper-less, and yet easy to find.
  • How about guiding and educating your customers or distributors in the use of your products or services, where ever they are? And evaluate them if you want. Or better yet: certify them.
  • And how to launch satisfaction surveys, and improve from them?

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  • Have you identified your main Marketing, Sales and Customer Service processes?
  • Would you like to know how you can start the Digital Transformation of your Organization?
  • Do you want us to help you perform a totally free Digital Diagnostic?

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