Identify your Digital Challenges

Select the most interest Areas of Improvement

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Adapt your website to your corporate image.

Analyze the web pages of your competition. Make a personalized design of yours, adapting it to your corporate image. Add a corporate content blog. Enter an area for your prescriber's reviews.

Easier Reporting tasks

Automate the registration of business information to make it easier to track opportunities.

The mobile application must include the ability to register contracts and orders.

Make sure your sales representatives can close deals and register orders without going to the office.

Implement mobility solutions with all the necessary information

Make your sales representatives have all the information on the characteristics and availability of the products, so they can answer any questions. That they also have the information of the clients and accounts associated with the opportunity. Always have the interests of the client, their history of opportunities, products acquired, etc. at the reach of the salesperson.

Redesign your organization chart to achieve better results.

To integrate eCommerce with the rest of the business, an internal reorganization must be carried out in the company. It is not good to create a specific division, isolated from the rest and with its own personnel and resources.

Integrate your online sales channel with the rest of your business: Make sure your customers don’t get lost, that they always see the same company.

Synchronize the inventory of your online store and your physical store. Connect the information of your clients online and offline to get a single vision. Remember that the customer not only buys, they also get informed and give their opinion on your website.

Add an eCommerce solution for the sale of your products and services.

Publish a comprehensive catalog that is truly practical for users, making searches and comparisons easy. Include your users' comment´s, especially positive ones. It facilitates the registration of members, the creation of profiles, accounts and groups. Manage the complete sales cycle: Prices, orders, offers and discounts, payments and invoices.

Participate actively in the most important forums and blogs in your sector.

Position yourself as an expert on issues related to your business. Write articles and press releases. Spread them in newspapers and social networks.

Get visibility: Appear in searches related to your business.

In the short term, you can run search ad campaigns to make yourself known. In the medium and long term, you can introduce a basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) configuration on your website to improve your position in the searches of potential clients.

Build (or renew) your brand-company, to put your business back in the place you want, in the place that corresponds to it.

Review and redefine your digital strategy, your goals. Increase the frequency of your publications. Create links between your website and the most important sites in your sector. Publish useful information: Create a Knowledge Base with the most demanded questions (FAQs).

Make the digital image of your company coherent.

Discover and analyze all the fingerprints of your company, the elements that already exist on the internet: Website, Online Store, Presence in Social Networks. Integrate them, so that the digital image of your company is coherent.

Get relevant information for your future operations

Get useful information for your next marketing campaigns. The qualification of the leads allows us to better know what our clients want. You need to sharpen your aim in your future advertising campaigns.

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